Is Social Media Strategy Killing Your Website?


Before social media dominated the world of marketing, it started as a convenient way for marketers to generate sales leads and keep in touch with prospects. However, what used to be a place where prospects can have a glimpse of a brand or company has also now become a platform where they turn into customers even before they visit a website. In fact, nowadays, more and more advertizers are using social media sites such as Facebook for calls-to-action such as to sign-up to a newsletter or even purchase a product.

But most of the time, social media function as they are supposed to – attract and engage potential sales leads who might get interested to visit your site. What is alarming however the fact that in some companies, the exact opposite happens: While their social activity increases, their website traffic drops or remains unchanged.

Here’s how you can keep social media marketing from killing your website and have the best of both worlds in your business lead generation campaign:

Create real content for your website.

Emphasis on the value of real website content has increased significantly these days. By real content I mean, relevant to your target audience – something that you would want to recommend, share, or bookmark. Does it have to be great? No. However, it has to be original and not just a reference to other content for the purpose of getting more backlinks and higher rankings on Google.

Never push your products on Social Media sites.

Your website is the best place for you to do that. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn were never meant to be used to sell products. Use them to promote your main website in order to increase its popularity, drive traffic, and enhance its value in the search engines.

Use social media for sales lead generation, not branding.

The purpose of social media is to create an engaging community where you can motivate prospects to visit your site. When it comes to establishing a strong, recognizable brand, nothing beats having a corporate website. Never try to do it using your Facebook page. Rather, use your social engagements to drive traffic to your site where you have better chances to convert qualified sales leads.