Instagram for insta-leads? Why not?

Instagram for insta-leads? Why not?

The internet has fostered a global community within 25 years.

And with the existence of social media platforms, this community has turned into a barter pit for ideas, personalities, interests, and moments.

Photos have played a great part in the social vibrancy of the new media. And with the introduction of image-sharing app Instagram, businesses can use them to meet B2B marketing goals.

Using Instagram for lead generation gets you far and perhaps ahead of the competition, and here’s how to make the most out of this nifty app.

Product Promotion. Whatever you are selling, you can be surprised at how much exposure your products can get through the app. Post photos of latest company updates, including concept designs and teasers for upcoming offers. Play with your market’s imaginations and tinker with their curiosity.

PR Campaigns. Loyal customers would like to know more about what their favorite companies’ are up to. An active enterprise disproves the notion that marketing is all talk and less walk. Give prospects something to follow up on. Show off company events like trade shows and CSR initiatives and they may just be willing to follow up for a possible partnership.

Interact with other Companies. Social media wants you to become, well, more social. And Instagram, with its ability to create communities, doesn’t fall short of that. As a matter of fact, it can be a highly advantageous endeavor to interact with other brands by liking their posts. This does not entirely mean you are going out of your own territory. Instead, it allows for brand exposure, which is a staple in demand generation.

Show Off your Staff. Customers need to know that companies do not run like dull and emotionless machines. Behind every successful lead generation campaigns is, in fact, a diverse array of individuals with skills, expertise, talents and emotions, all of which are very crucial to realize B2B marketing goals. The contributions of your employees are crucial to giving your brand a humanistic side. So, go for company gimmicks like group selfies and workplace pictorials.

#Brand. Branding is a powerful customer retention tool, and the way you present your brand to your audience determines the difference between campaign success and failure. With Instagram, you are exposing your brand to other communities through the hashtag function, which you can also use to gauge company keyword mentions.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Instagram is thus a compelling tool for lead generation and if you know how to wield it well enough, you earn more than just a thousand followers.