Facebook’s Hashtags: Not Your Real Bet In Social Lead Generation

Facebook’s Hashtags - Not Your Real Bet In Social Lead Generation

We all have heard about the popularity of Facebook’s hashtag function in its posts, and a lot of marketers have pretty much joined the social bandwagon.

The only problem here is that there are a lot of people in doubt about its effectiveness in B2B lead generation. It seems, at this point, that these hashtags are not as effective in bringing in sales leads as marketers would have liked. This is a real issue in marketing, since it would imply that all the efforts made over the past few months ever since the hashtag function was rolled out would turn to waste. So, what is the real score over this, and what can you do in order to improve your appointment setting efforts in the social network giant?

According to Facebook post rating service EdgeRank, stuffing hashtags on your posts provides no better result compared to non-hashtagged posts. No matter how many hashtags you used, it appears that it still fails to bring in the B2B leads that a marketer so desires.Simply put, hashtags are a waste of time and effort. It is still not reaching the intended audience. Now this is the problem that can befuddle marketers. If hashtags are not providing good results, then what would actually work, then? Well, we could always use other marketing strategies, if you want something drastic. Or, for the conservative ones, you can also just add more communication mediums to help your social media campaign gain traction in the market.

Take, for example, telemarketing. All right, I know a lot of you would be complaining that telemarketers are so out already, but there is a reason why this service is still around: it works.

Despite all the negative press that this marketing tool is getting, there is no denying that calling prospects on the phone is a desirable means for companies to find more business. When done properly and responsibly, this could even be an excellent communication tool to touch base with other businesses and help them improve their own operations. There is nothing wrong in using this. As long as a strategy works, an entrepreneur must be willing to employ it.

Now, when it comes to combining social media and telemarketing in your over-all B2B appointment setting process, you have to make sure that both parties know where they stand. Take note, social media is a communication tool. It only connects and engages business prospects in a personal manner. When it comes to making a sale or converting B2B leads into business deals, it is the job of telemarketers. They are actually very good at it, without the help of any additional sales tools like Hashtags or the like. Once you have drawn the line, you should make sure that everyone works seamlessly together on the production floor.

Yes, this might be a hard set-up for companies still fresh in this business, but this is reality. If a business wishes to get ahead, they need to employ every newest tool available. Mind you, some may not pan out as you like it, so it pays to prepare a back-up strategy in case your social media efforts fail.