Cream of the Social Crop: A List of Social Media Influencers to follow on Twitter

Images of top Social Media Influencers on twitter that marketers should follow

You could at least agree that social media is still an audience engagement channel worth the buck, since this year will see companies spending more for their online campaigns. At the very least, these companies could acquire one high-quality B2B lead via their presence in LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. But to pull that off is not entirely a matter of luck.

A few companies can get away with high quality leads just by posting one Tweet per day, but there is a lot more to it than meets the eye.

Take time to learn from these social media influencers listed by Forbes and get an idea on how you can transform your social media accounts into apt lead generation tools.

Sean Gardner. @2morrowknight. Sean is here to deliver a unique perspective on a variety of marketing topics, from branding down to digital storytelling. He shares indispensable social strategies and thought leadership in various events across North America, Europe and Asia, earning him the top spot in Forbes’ list of social media influencers.

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Ann Tran. @anntran_. A motivational speaker on digital strategy and leadership who has worked with companies like Verizon and Architectural Digest, Ann offers a fair amount of excellent advice on increasing your brand’s social clout.

Aaron Lee. @askaaronlee. His blog is exactly where you would find well-written pieces of blogging and social media advice and tips that can yield excellent traffic and revenue.

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John Paul Aguiar. @johnaguiar. Listen to what John Paul has to say about building a highly engaging blog. Especially if you are just a startup with a desire to make some online noise and some money, everything he shares about creating helpful content is pure gold.

Pam Moore. @pammktgnut. “Marketing nut” Pam has been an active consultant, entrepreneur and speaker on social media strategy, so expect from her quality advice crazy enough to make your social campaign run smoothly.

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Kim Garst. @kimgarst. Want to maximize your use of Google Hangouts and other social media tools? Be authentic. That is exactly Kim’s prescription to a better online presence in her book Will the Real You Please Stand Up: Show Up, Be Authentic, and Prosper in Social Media.

Chris Brogan. @chrisbrogan. Let Chris school you on mastering content creation. With eight New York Times Best-selling Books to his name, this Owner Media Group CEO is an authority figure on all things social media.

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Gary Vaynerchuck. @garyvee. Having been listed as one of Fortune’s 40 Under 40, Vaynerchuck has been active in helping small entrepreneurs and big brands alike put their messages front and center. And, did we mention he hosts a YouTube show?

Pam Dyer. @pamdyer. Driving sales through social channels is easy – once you know the right approaches. Just ask Pam who has attracted 97,000 Twitter followers, becoming one of the most sought after gurus on social media marketing.

Cream of the Social Crop: A List Social Media Influencers to follow on Twitter

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