Before Hitting that Button, Is your Social Media Post Tuned Correctly?

Before Hitting that Button, Is your Social Media Post Tuned Correctly

It’s time for some new insights about B2B social media marketing. For this post, we will be understanding how to create an effective, uh, social media post!

But first, a prelude. For some marketers in the B2B field, social media is only valuable for consumer-based businesses. Though they have several reasons to back this observation, they couldn’t simply ignore the opportunities they can acquire from social media.

It is clear that  consumers require only a short period of exposure to social media messages before making a purchase. But when it comes down to engaging businesses, we are seeing a wider gap between the initial exposure and the purchase. succinctly sums it up: “Most B2B enterprises have a smaller customer base but larger price point than B2C companies. Additionally, the sales lead time is longer on average for B2B than B2C businesses. B2B customers need more information, nurturing, support and trust-factors to encourage a single sale. B2B customers and prospects use multiple channels for research: websites, forums, Linkedin, seminars, conferences, whitepapers, surveys, Twitter, third-party data, customer feedback, their own peers, etc., to make decisions.”

B2B companies particularly rely on these social media platforms in generating B2B leads and also for nurturing them in the long run up until they form a decision to make a purchase or grant a contract. B2B leads depend as much on social media posts as consumers. And like consumers, they react positively toward messages that resonate well with their immediate needs.

For this, you will have to make sure that your social media posts have all the right ingredients:

Research your past posts

Take time to analyze your published Facebook statuses, blog articles and Tweets. Try to identify the types and structures of posts that successfully secured the most number of shares and likes and see if you can replicate their successes in your future posts.

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 Always have visual content handy

According to Twitter, adding an image URL to your Tweets increases re-Tweets by 35%. Our advice: Make sure you partner up your bits of marketing wisdom with an effective meme, a graphic, or a stock photo in step with your Tweet’s content.

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Is the post answer a specific question?

To increase your engagement rates, it is imperative to create posts not for the sake of getting publicity, but for the sake of addressing a certain issue.  This enhances your online position and your image as a thought leader of your respective industry, thereby increasing your social media networks.    

Bonus Tips from Danny Brown! In his article, If You Want to Build Engagement, Build Your Learning First and Never Stop Learning.

Aside from that, your main goal is to be one of those social media sensation like Peg Fitspatrick or Guy Kawasaki but how? There’s a slim chance to become an influencer if you just sit there and watch. Connect and engage with one of them.

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