B2B Online Marketing: Creating a Stronger Impact on Social Media

B2B Online Marketing- Creating a Stronger Impact on Social Media_DONE

A decade ago, when people search for companies and names on Google (or Yahoo!, if that was your thing), the first search results page would usually show a bunch of corporate websites, its affiliates, and maybe a Manta.com profile.

Today, aside from those things, the sites that will most likely return after a search would be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ profiles. Social media has become an integral part of everyone’s online experience, which used to be somewhat intrinsically suited for private networking, but is now conquering the business sector as well.

And it’s continuing to evolve every second.

It’s no longer just about putting up a profile and posting relevant content here and there. Social media sites are now the most widely used communication highway between businesses and their customers (the B2C sphere) and also between fellow businesses selling services and software.

Hence, if your business has these social media accounts, you might as well make use of it in a way that it strengthens your online presence, which will eventually lead to more lead opportunities. Here’s how:

  1. Be discerning. Combine your original point of view with curated postings from other respected sources in your industry. Don’t bombard your audience, but be creative and post at regular intervals.

  2. Be engaging. Make it a rule to be accessible to your audience. Interact with them and have real conversations — don’t just post your news of the day.

  3. Find your niche. You can be a generalist as it pertains to your company and post about anything and everything. Better still, find a specific topic that resonates and focus on that. Own a subject and work to become a go-to source.

  4. Spend your time wisely. Set aside time as you lead up to your launch to connect with potential customers on social media.

  5. Embrace each platform’s culture. Every social-media portal encourages a unique voice. Make sure your content reflects that. If you’re unsure, listen for a while, you’ll catch on quickly

Source: 5 Keys to Increasing Your Influence on Social Media