Attention, B2B Companies: Are you getting the most out of Facebook?

Attention, B2B Companies- Are you getting the most out of Facebook_DONE

Facebook is not the teacher’s pet in the world of B2B marketing. Some B2B companies don’t even have Facebook business pages in the belief that their prospects and buyers are not really the ‘Facebook-ing type’.

Besides, the social networking giant, in the business sense, is really more inclined towards B2C (business-to-consumer) marketing.

Be that as it may, no one can deny the inherent power of Facebook and just ignore the possibilities it could bring in to the table.  With the right mindset and strategy, this power can be utilized to maximize your marketing efforts, even though you’re in the B2B market.

1. Plan it

Because there’s too much stuff posted on Facebook on a daily basis, you need to develop a sound strategy with regards to your content production and distribution. You don’t just create a page and post whatever you feel like posting. You need to observe traffic patterns, response behavior and anything other data that can make your efforts worthwhile.

2. Remember to keep things eye-catching

Not only do your profile and cover photo need to be visually attractive, you also need to maintain a flow of content that’s image-driven. Posts that accompanied by compelling photos are statistically proven to generate more shares, comments and likes. Those responses are gold when you’re building your online presence.

3. Make some noise

One of the things you can do to generate buzz is to shift the focus towards your fans instead of your business. Encourage them to be active on your page through contests and activities that require them to share their thoughts and spread the word about your business. Also, you can sporadically produce multimedia content such as videos, slides and infographics, then ask your fans to help you distribute them throughout their own Facebook networks.

4. Establish relevant connections

Seek out your partners, loyal customers and industry influencers and connect with them. These connections are very helpful especially in strengthening your online presence and making your posts known to important people. Be generous in liking other people’s posts so they could return the favor.

5. Don’t forget to go mobile

Facebook usage is slowly becoming a purely mobile experience for everyone, and you’re missing out on making your page attractive on a mobile screen, you may be wasting a lot of opportunities. Discuss with your team the adjustments you could make in order to accommodate the demand for mobile viewage.