A Dose of Quintessential Online Marketing Statistics to Further Fuel Today’s Social Media Hype

If you’re a company that’s watching from the sidelines while the street is being paraded on by all the other companies in the neighborhood that had hopped into the social media bandwagon, you can’t help but wonder if you should, too. Sure, you may have a fully-functional website and a Facebook page with a full-length account of your company’s history, but does that uplift your exposure and sales?

Then what you need is a front row seat in this game-changing revolution, but first you need to know what’s going on out there, and maybe you’ll discover why everyone is on it. Here are some statistical facts generated by Hubspot, a marketing software service company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, that could make believers out of doubters:

    • They surveyed hundreds of businesses from various industries in 2012, and 62% of them said their company will blog in 2013. Apparently they just could not ignore its power any longer, and putting up a blog is a safe, initial action towards being fully active online.
    • For those who were already blogging since 2012, 42% of them said they gained at least one new customer out of it. Customers prefer to read blogs instead of reading directly from company websites, so companies use that transition to effectively introduce their brand. (Here’s more:82% of them blog daily, which gains more customers than the 57%, who blog only monthly.)
    • 9% of them said they have a full time SEO expert and 10% said they assigned a dedicated marketer whose task is solely on content marketing, which is already a huge step especially for middle-sized companies.
    • 79% of them reported good return of investment (ROI) which is attributed to blogging.
    • 52% of them generated leads from Facebook, 43% from LinkedIn, and 36% from Twitter in 2013. And Google+, who entered the scene just recently, is starting to gain traction and currently generated leads for 15% of the companies surveyed.
    • 74% of them said Facebook will play a major role in their Lead Generation strategy in 2013. That also means they will invest money, workforce and time on maximizing their Facebook presence.
    • The social media marketing budget allocation for each company grew 9% from 2012, which now comprises 23% of all of their marketing allocations in 2013. Along with this growth is their faith on social media to return their investment by generating leads and more business opportunities.
    • 21% of the companies surveyed said that social media has become an important key to their company’s success over the past 6 months. This realization is rooted from the sudden surge in their company’s recognition, which is always as important as generating revenue and accomplishing goals.

Actively engaging a company in the world of social media is a major, critical decision, because if done the wrong way, this move can destroy a company’s reputation forever just as fast as it can fortify it. Just like any business maneuver, social media marketing must be premeditated painstakingly, and it wouldn’t hurt to seek assistance from the experts.