5 Ways of Using Instagram to Earn More Business Returns and Profit [GUEST POST]

5 Ways of Using Instagram to Earn More Business Returns and Profit [GUEST POST]

Instagram is used by millions of people across the globe as taking photos and sharing them with friends have become very easy with it. For businesses, social media is an instant way to gain recognition and visibility. It is used for marketing purposes to drive more sales and earn profits. If you have an online business, social media can be a fabulous way to promote your business. However, it is important to learn how to use the portal properly.

Make Use of Hashtags

Hashtags in Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook work like real magic. When it comes to Instagram, users interact only by using hashtags. For businesses, this feature of social media is extremely useful as online users can find you out. If the content is searchable, it will be triggering more viral effect to benefit your business at large. You will have more followers to your account.

Using Instagram Hashtags to benefit Business
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Tell Stories with Photos and Videos

A photo or video can tell a thousand words if used efficiently. If you use Instagram for marketing purposes, taking random photos will not help. Employ the photo filter feature to edit the images. This will make the image attractive enough to invite more likes and thus, fan following. To boost sales and to create brand awareness, take a video of your products’ features. If the video is influential, it will help you to gain exposure. Post the images of your products on a continuous basis to boost sales. Highlight the functions and features. Ask the buyers to post feedback, so that others get to know more.

If you are lucky enough to gather more positive feedbacks, you will have more followers and earn more revenue. Sharing videos on Instagram when you are with your employees also helps. Try and give live product reviews to let your videos go viral. Those who are new in this online world, need to post photos and videos on Instagram even more.

Posting content on Instagram
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Hosting Contest

If you wish to do more business or earn more revenue, get more Instagram followers. An absolute way to boost the followers to your profile or get more likes to the photos is by hosting a contest. People love free gifts and freebies and so you can distribute free samples from time to time. Ask them to promote your products and services.  Then, give any of the products for free as a winning gift. You can capitalize on discount offers and promotional offers to gain more followers and customers. For online businesses, a contest is a real win-win situation. By giving out any of the products, they earn a huge fan following, which increases brand recognition. The finest way to gain more exposure is asking the winner to post a selfie with the product received. This will seem very original and suggestive. Use the tools to embed hashtag feed or Instagram feed.

Keep a Track on the Success Rate

Keep track of your Instagram marketing campaign and make changes from time to time. By using applications, you can know about the growth in your customer base. This will let you know the right time to post the content.

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Connect More with your Users

Stay in touch with your customers. If they post comments on your products, immediately reply to them. This will let customers have an emotional touch with you. They will like to associate more with you. Improve your business credibility by attracting more user-generated content.

You cannot underestimate the power of followers to the Instagram account. Followers will contribute to the success of your business. To improve brand awareness, improve sales and ROI follow the effective ways of using the photo-sharing app.

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