5 Rich Media for Enhancing your Brand’s Influence in Google+

5 Rich Media for Enhancing your Brand’s Influence in Google+

Using Google+ to promote a product is undeniably a difficult thing to pull off. It can either make or break your brand depending on how well you promote your offers to your target audience.

In this case, choosing the best content forms is as important as content production itself. This is because modern buyers respond more to certain types of media. We have known for quite a while now the fact that B2B marketers were able to acquire quality B2B leads through social media by sharing locally-produced instructional videos.

Other rich media forms have their advantages as well, creating an excellent case for adopting such forms in social marketing. If you haven’t considered it yet, you might want to incorporate these rich media forms in your Google+ campaign.

YouTube videos. The reason why videos are so effective in producing high-level prospects has to do with the fact that “attention spans are getting shorter,” according to Bluetext Founder Don Goldberg. Decision makers want to cut to the chase when it comes to exploring the merits of a certain product. In this sense, videos provide the urgency and convenience needed to effectively retain audience attention.

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Audio podcasts. Even with the absence of video and animation, executives can still consume your brand’s message through audio. You can provide links to audio podcasts in your Google+ profile. This will afford visitors a better alternative to reading text-based messages without underplaying the level of directness and intimacy that video provides.

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Infographics. For people with a more defined taste for images, infographics are essentially for them. The same way with the other two content forms, you can promote your infographics by featuring them in Google+. But before that, make sure to refine their visual organization, check for any inconsistencies and rectify any errors in grammar.

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Make use of rich links. Promote blog content from your main site by making use of rich links. These can be customized to achieve optimum impact. An added tip from Social Media Examiner’s Ryan Hanley: “Make sure your blog article featured image is optimized for the Google+ rich link share. This will attract the most attention to your post.”


GIFs. Another idea by Hanley: GIFs. We know they are silly, but hey, your social media presence needs to have a personality anyway. It’s not all the time that B2B executives are serious. If anything, people in Google+ get easily turned off by anything that puts too much emphasis on technicalities, so hilarious industry-related GIFs can help in livening up the place.

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