Four Signs your Business Needs to Socialize – and Fast


Some companies want to stay true to their roots – they seem to have the difficulty to embrace an entirely new era of ways in which they market their business.

No one has the right to hold it against them.

As a matter of fact, surveys indicate that while employing the same, traditional methods they’ve had since the birth of their companies, they still reflect a positive growth in both their financial status and social presence. However, there are times when a company is no longer reaping the fruits of their beloved methods, and that’s the time they would want to open up their world into new opportunities.

These are the indications that your company might need a marketing strategy overhaul and summon social media to the rescue:

1.  Your business is not approachable.

Virtually every website nowadays (or at least the ones who were put up after 2008) includes a mandatory “Follow us on Twitter” or “Like us on Facebook” link on their pages. It has become so customary that people would actually look for these links on a website as a means of “bookmarking” them whenever they find something useful in it. Now imagine your potential clients not finding these links on your website and settling with an “Email Us” or worse, “Contact Us” link instead. You would even wonder why they even ended up on your website in the first place, since your website link is nowhere to be found on social networking sites. If your business is unknown in cyberworld, it might as well be unknown in the real world.

2. Your business needs to cut back on marketing allocations.

After a million years when you finally realize that your other marketing strategies (events, TV/radio ads, and magazines) don’t work like they used to, you would also realize that you’ve spent money that you didn’t earn back. This leads you to minimize expenses and resort to a medium that is essentially free and much more effective: social media.

3. Your employees are active social media users.

You’ll notice it when everyone seems to be talking about the latest office gossip except you. What better way to make use of their “addiction” than to put up social networking accounts for your business and have them maintain a strong presence online?

4. You want to know what’s going on out there.

The strongest sign for you to decide if your business needs to be social is when you yourself feel the urge to hop in the bandwagon. You can’t help but be curious with the possibilities of taking the plunge and getting the attention you’ve longed to get. You see your competitors marshalling a huge following on Twitter and you sit there wondering what things you could do with such power. That itself is already a calling for you to at least consider it.

The good thing about all this is that it’s risk-free. Once you’ve finally decided to engage in social media marketing and, after a few months, you’ve realized that it’s not working out as planned, you can always give it up and go back to your comfort zone. Maybe it’s not for everybody, but it sure is worth a try.