A plus for your brand: Generating leads with Google+

A plus for your brand- Generating leads with Google+

Social media platforms have established themselves as great lead generators when it comes to brand awareness and sales. Among them is social networking site Google+, which puts itself at the forefront when it comes to setting up business pages.

Its seamless integration with search engine Google gives Google+ content and engagement the best SEO benefits, putting your brand ahead of search rankings for potential customers to immediately notice.

These customers now shy away from hard sell and are looking for genuine content they can relate and engage with – and Google+ is the best place to do that! Here are some ways to generate leads through this social networking platform.

Start – and continue – with compelling content

This is how your customers will see you. Make sure your Google+ page is filled with well-written content that’s curated and valuable to your audience. This includes information about your brand, as well as related content that may not necessarily be about the brand itself but lends credibility to it. Include links to your website or your other social media accounts.

As mentioned, the benefit of Google+ above all other social media platforms is its inherent precedence in organic search rankings, driving your page on top of that search result page.

Make it visual

People like seeing pretty pictures. Include visual content like photos and videos (even popular GIFs!) to your posts, as these tend to have better engagement with audiences and are likelier to be shared to friends. Images on Google+ can be turned into links, which allows your audience to click through the photo and land on your website or any other content about your brand.

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Target the correct audience

Google+ allows for filtering followers in Circles, which can be used to segment your audience according to what kind of message your brand wants to send out. Hashtags are also another way to attract the right customers, using the correct keywords that will bring them to your page and see your content. The “+” sign also allows you to address another person directly by tagging them.

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Mind the frequency of your posts

Content optimization is not just about what you post and where you post, but when you post it. Review your audience’s behavior and determine when the best time is to post your content; too few and they will forget your existence, while too many may overwhelm them and make them tune out.

The lead generation opportunities on Google+, combined with its innate SEO advantages, are enough reasons for businesses to consider the platform as one of their best options when it comes to building their business online.

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