5 Mistakes That Completely Ruin Your Website Lead Generation Power

5 Mistakes That Completely Ruin Your Website Lead Generation Power

If your web visitors are warm leads, the last thing you want to do is lose them. Similarly, if your visitors are cold leads, you ideally want them to leave with a good impression of your website and your brand so that maybe they will do business with you in the future. It is therefore imperative that you avoid the five mistakes listed below.

#1) Landing Pages That Don’t Answer The Questions Your Marketing Generated

Let’s try not to get too complicated here, but even a freshman taking a college marketing course understands the concept of user expectation and user experience. If you type in a website domain called, “www.Pets-In-Pants.com” you don’t expect to land on a website advertising tropical fish. In this case, the domain name has set up an expectation. Your landing page and your website is going to fail to generate any sort of lead or conversion if your landing page doesn’t pander to or serve that expectation.

To make a little simpler, try to imagine that every visitor of your website has a question in mind. For example, if a user saw your advert showing an image of a great new car that costs $18,999. Your user‘s question may be, “Is that price real?” or “Is the car as good as its image and price tag suggests?” or even “Do they have a financing option so I can buy that car?

You are going to lose your lead and/or any hope of a conversion if your website doesn’t answer the question that the user has. On the one hand, you need to tailor your landing pages correctly, and on the other hand, you need to make sure that your landing pages and your off-page marketing are in sync.

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#2) An Olympic Hurdler Walks Into A Bar – He Should Have Jumped Higher

Stop treating your website like a popular bar. When you walk into a bar, you casually glance at the barmaid and ask for a drink. Your website is not a bar, it is more like a car sales lot. Do people walk into car sales lots and casually ask to buy a car?

Stop offering people links and purchases on the top third of the landing page. The reason you are losing leads is because you are asking them to buy or to navigate away before your website has had the chance to sell to them.

Leave your links to other sales pages, and leave your buyable items for other pages or for later on down the page. Only the most popular items may have such elements on their landing pages. They only work if the buyer is a very hot lead who has visited the page specifically to make a purchase or to convert. Be careful with the content, you should provide enough information, but not too much. Google ranks pages higher with more text, but your main target is customer, so create content for them.

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#3) The Use Of Trust Building Elements

In some cases, the trust logos say things such as “MacAfee Secure” or “SSL Value” or even “100% Satisfaction guaranteed.” However, these trust logos and shields are massive causes of mistrust in most cases.

Think about a government website. Is it full of “100% money back guarantees” and “Scan Alert Hacker Safe” logos? Of course they are not because they are already trusted. The websites that use these trust logos the most are ones that cannot be trusted. They are used the most by scammers and spammers because they need to use them. Untrustworthy websites have used them so much that people don’t trust those types of logos anymore.

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#4) The Use Of Tired And Overused Wordage

Only with our effective and innovative web copy will your business engineer a successful and highly profitable marketing plan that will boost your sales efficiency and dramatically increase your profits. With the use of synergy, cost-effective modes, streamlining and power-planning, you can become a member of the master elite. Your web copy can join the upper echelons of social and business leadership where you may strike out on your own to become as successful as you design.

I think you get the idea! The paragraph above is an example of over-used and fluffy power words that mean nothing. People are used to reading the same old fluff over and over again. They can smell tired and overused words and phrases to the point where such phrases, sentences and words lose all credibility very quickly.

#5) Landing Pages With Pop-Up Notifications

Popups are like a vile plague on the Internet. If you want to research something, you will soon become tired and irritable when every website you reach asks you for your email address.  Worse still are the websites that throw up an advert that your popup blockers just cannot stop, especially when throw up an advert when you are part-way through reading the first paragraph.

There are many writing services reviews that complain about a particularly stupid trend that is moving through essay writing services websites at the moment. It is pop-ups that say something such as “Sorry you are leaving” or “Do you really want to leave?

Firstly, if you chose to leave–then you decided to, so where is the logic in asking people if they want to leave? Secondly, a, “Sorry you are leaving” popup is viciously annoying, and many essay writing services have it set up so it pops up when students click internal links, which means they are not trying to leave, but they get the pop up anyway. Please avoid any type of pop up unless you are specifically attracting aimless web surfers who have nothing better to do than sign up for newsletters.

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None of this is common sense

If it were common sense, then people wouldn’t keep making these mistakes. If you are making any of these mistakes, then just go right back to your website and make suitable changes. Do not be taken in by the sellers of pop-up adverts and things of that nature. They may claim that such things will increase your newsletter signup by 200%, but they don’t mention the 400% drop in repeat traffic because you have annoyed your regular users so much that they have abandoned your website. Go over each of the points made above and amend your web strategy accordingly.

Author Bio:

Robert Morris is a freelance writer and a blog editor at askpetersen.com. He is a regular contributor to Lifehack, Digital Information World and Template Monster. He writes about product management, marketing, business and lead generation.

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