If you’re an SEO Marketer, Google+ should be your BFF

If you’re an SEO Marketer, Google+ should be your BFF

Google+ is a great platform for sharing content and making connections with relevant people in your industry. But this up and coming social media site is not only for content distribution and lead generation – it’s also one of the biggest SEO tools.

The mere fact that online marketers have been for years trying to crack the mystery of getting found on Google is already a plus point for its brainchild that is Google+. An optimized Google+ page can do wonders for your SEO.

This excerpt from OnlineMarketingInstitute.com tells us how exactly Google+ can improve your search marketing efforts:

1.  Your pages can rank well in search. Having a claimed and optimized profile on Google+, along with updated content, can help your business get discovered on the search engine results page. In addition, your optimized Google+ Local page can perform well in local search.

2. Google+ drives personalized map results. As users search Google Maps, add places to their “favorites,” and leave reviews, Google Maps will start to suggest similar or complimentary local businesses they might enjoy. This means the more active you are on Google+ as a business, the more opportunities you have to influence local search results by boosting positive fan engagement.

3. Social signals may impact your website’s visibility. While there is no definitive proof that social signals like +1s can do anything to boost your page or your website’s visibility on search engines, some studies have noticed a correlation between these signals and your site’s position on the search engine results page. That’s because these virtual “props” on your social media content can tell Google that your content is relevant and authoritative.

4. Positive reviews help you stand out. Reviews for your business on your linked Google+ and Google+ Local page are extremely valuable because they appear along with your map listing on the search results page. But, nobody wants one-star reviews prominently feature on their web presence. So, ask happy customers to leave you positive, thoughtful reviews to make sure consumers new to your business see great things about you and want to visit your website or contact you to do business.

5. Google authorship boosts your site relevance. Authorship is a feature of Google+ that lets you link content you publish on another domain directly to your personal Google+ profile. When you do this, your Google+ profile picture will appear directly next to content you have written in the search results, emphasizing your content and helping increase clicks to it. This is great for building your personal brand, which can help you build credibility for your business by establishing yourself as the expert in your field.

Read the full article at http://www.onlinemarketinginstitute.org/blog/2014/05/5-reasons-your-seo-strategy-needs-google/#sthash.4Kkn6S4W.dpuf