B2B Sales Data for Lead Generation

B2B Sales Data for Lead Generation

High-level lead generation and sales development strategies rely on quality B2B data to work well. Your Callbox campaign comes with a target list component so we can connect you with relevant contacts, drive qualified leads, and boost sales.

How to Help Your Sales Team Generate Their Own Leads
  • Dec. 7, 2021 01:00 PM Eastern Time and Dec. 9, 2021 01:00 PM Eastern Time

B2B lead generation performance is only as good as the sales data

We leverage our global database of companies and contacts and carry out the research needed to ensure that we build the right target list for your campaign. Accurate company and contact intel allows us to reach out to your ideal accounts, engage each relevant stakeholder, and hand off qualified leads to your team.

Better account selection

1 Better account selection

Quality B2B sales data increases average deal size by as much as 40%. With the right sales data, we uncover high-value accounts and remove unpromising companies from our lead generation outreach activities–this means your sellers get good quality leads.

Shorter sales cycle

2 Shorter sales cycle

We take extra steps to ensure that we select and prioritize the right contacts within your target accounts. By focusing on the stakeholders that impact the buying process, we help you accelerate your sales cycle.

Higher engagement rates

3 Higher engagement rates

Effective B2B lead generation is all about personalization. We leverage account-level and prospect-level insights to craft targeted messaging that truly connects with your prospects. Personalization gives us better response rates and lets us deliver qualified leads to your team.

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