Callbox ROI Calculator

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Analyze different B2B lead generation campaign scenarios with this ROI calculator, and choose the Callbox program that gives you optimal returns.

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Company Dynamics

Average dollar amount of each won deal, or a year’s worth of subscription revenues


Percentage of total leads your reps can turn into customers


Campaign Inputs

Number of potential accounts to be targeted in the campaign

How many quarters the campaign will be carried out as stated in the contract

Total costs incurred in preparing for the campaign (excluding contract price)


Amount Callbox charges in each campaign term


The total costs you incur in the entire campaign, plus campaign setup costs


The total investment divided by the number of terms stated in the contract


Quarterly Results


Number of Leads Generated

Increases as campaign progresses and tactics improve


Number of Deal Conversions

Projected number of won deals based on leads generated and close ratio


Gross Cost Per Lead

Total costs divided by the number of leads generated; decreases as the campaign progresses


Cost Per Customer Added

Total costs divided by number of deal conversions; also decreases as the campaign proceeds


Additional Sales

Projected dollar amount of sales from customers acquired in the campaign


Lead Generation Costs

Total investment per term/quarter


Net Additional Revenue

The additional sales amount minus the total costs per term


Full Campaign Results

  • Number of Leads Generated

    The total lead count at the end of the campaign


  • Gross Conversion Rate

    Total number of leads generated divided by the total target accounts


  • Number of Deal Conversions

    The total number of leads generated in the campaign that turned into customers


  • Net Conversion Rate

    Number of deal conversions divided by the total target accounts


  • Gross Additional Sales Closed

    The total amount of new business acquired in the campaign


  • Net Additional Sales Closed

    The amount of new business generated by the campaign minus total campaign costs


  • Gross ROI

    The ratio of gross additional sales closed over total investment


  • Net ROI

    The ratio of net additional sales closed over total investment


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