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The most impressive attribute of Callbox was their understanding of our business and the prospects we were targeting.

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Matt Edgar
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Outbound Sales & Marketing
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SaaS Based Company
project summary
An innovative software solutions company partnered with Callbox to provide an outbound sales and marketing team which specializes in account-based marketing and multi-channel marketing services.

Opportunity / Challenge

For what projects/services did your company hire Callbox?

Before the introduction of Callbox, all of the leads we generated were from inbound channels. At the time, we didn’t have the resources internally to be able to cater for both channels.

So, we went to market for a company to partner with that could scale the companies growth which didn’t require any resources from our end. Callbox provides Allotrac with an outbound sales and marketing team which specialises in account-based marketing.

The multi-channel marketing service includes a combination of call, email and social media marketing.

What were your goals for this project?

The main objective for our project with Callbox was to generate sales qualified leads from outbound channels which could then be handed over to our team of Account Executives.


How did you select Callbox?

We conducted extensive research on multiple vendors specialising in B2B lead management services over a 3 month period. We decided to partner with Callbox as they had the resources to scale our business and flexibility to pivot, should we wanted to expand our agreement.

The main reason we decided to partner with Callbox was that they could guarantee a minimum quantity and quality of sales qualified leads at a cost-effective price.

Describe the project in detail

Callbox creates and executes a number of outbound sales and marketing campaigns by leveraging a combination of email and social marketing in conjunction with direct calls to generate appointments for our Account Executives.

The handover to our team is seamless as the Callbox agent provides an overview of the lead to our Account Executive who is then able to suggest a solution on the initial call.

The campaigns are reevaluated each quarter aligned to our services agreement, along with call scripts, cadences and other sales enablement materials.

What was the team composition?

We work with Callbox’s Service, Success and Production Manager, as well as three more resources, including a Content Writer and a QA. The Client Success Manager acts as a Project Manager for all of our campaigns and there’s a Production Manager who schedules appointments and tweaks messaging for campaigns.

Results and Feedback

Can you share any outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress or success?

Callbox has generated discussions with blue-chip prospects which we otherwise wouldn’t have approached or wouldn’t have been able to get in touch with. Callbox has been successful in achieving its goals and increasing our pipeline as a result.

We will continue our partnership with Callbox as we look to scale our business in the future.

How effective was the workflow between your team and theirs?

The workflow has been excellent. Callbox is responsive and acts as though they are an extended part of our company which is exactly the model we convey in our business to our clients.

The integration into our CRM was seamless as Callbox was able to adapt to our lead qualification process. The ability to have that information on hand for reporting purposes has been invaluable.

What did you find most impressive about this company?

The most impressive attribute of Callbox was their understanding of our business and the prospects we were targeting. Callbox took the time to learn our features and were able to articulate the benefits of our software with prospects in different industries.

Are there any areas for improvement?

As with any business relationship, there are always areas where both parties can improve their processes. At the moment, there isn’t any constructive criticism that I can share. I feel Callbox are doing everything we are paying them to do.

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