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I was (and still am) very impressed with the ability of the Callbox team to adapt to the needs of clients.

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Gordon Murray
Managing Director
Call Marketing Services
client industry
Industrial Information Provider
project summary
Callbox was contracted by an industrial information provider for extended marketing support through call center services. The main objective was to boost awareness of the company's services amid the pandemic.

Opportunity / Challenge

For what projects/services did your company hire Callbox?

We have been looking for a way to augment our marketing due to the challenges presented by Covid 19, and Callbox fitted in well with our overall strategy. Callbox called and contacted a list of prospective clients on our behalf.

What were your goals for this project?

Our goal was (and still is) to increase awareness of our services within the Asia Pacific region.


How did you select Callbox?

We researched several agencies and gauged them primarily on their ability to understand what we do (which is quite niche) and their ability to adapt to change and challenge that would come up.

Describe the project in detail

Callbox called and spoke to clients on our behalf using their own datasets, and our lists of prospective clients, as well as engaged with them on social media. Furthermore, Callbox helped us to arrange and promote webinars.

What was the team composition?

I am not sure how many members of the team are involved, but we have a weekly meeting that usually includes at least 3 members from Callbox. This helps to give proper guidance to ensure that we are contacting the right sorts of clients.

Results and Feedback

Can you share any outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress or success?

Our sales cycles are very long, and so there have been few sales yet – however, we have been able to build a healthy pipeline based on Callbox’s activities that we expect will yield results soon.

How effective was the workflow between your team and theirs?

Very effective. We knew that the first few weeks (or possibly months) could be a rocky road considering the niche nature of our business, however with modifying processes and workflows we were able to change this much quicker than expected.

What did you find most impressive about this company?

I was (and still am) very impressed with the ability of the Callbox team to adapt to the needs of clients.

Are there any areas for improvement?

It would be great if the same services were offered in languages other than English (e.g. Korean, Japanese, Chinese, etc.)

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