Referral Program Terms and Conditions

I. Definition of Terms

By participating in the Callbox Referral Program, you are stating that each named referral provided by you is eligible for this program and that you agree to the terms and conditions of the program;

As used in the Terms and Conditions:

  1. “you” or “referrer” or “referring party” means the individual or entity making the referral (or any individual or entity acting on your behalf);
  2. “referral”, “referred candidate” or “candidate” means the individual or entity being referred;
  3. “we”, “us” or “Callbox” means Callbox Inc;
  4. “Callbox representative” means a Callbox Account Manager or Marketing Consultant;

II. Referral Mechanics

  1. You may refer as many candidates as you wish, as long as the referrals meet Callbox’s eligibility requirements;
  2. You must make the referral explicit via an email, LinkedIn, or WhatsApp introduction where the Callbox representative and the referred candidate are copied;
  3. A referred candidate must not have previously been entered into the Callbox database and received a proposal  and/or have been a client of Callbox;
  4. A referral will only be credited to the referring party if the referral has been successfully qualified. A qualified referral is defined as:
    • When the referral receives complete presentation services from a Callbox representative;
    • When the referral agrees to receive a Callbox proposal document;
  5. If a candidate is referred more than once by different referring parties, the first referral will receive credit for the referral;
  6. Referrals, where the referred candidate and the referrer are the same individual or entity (person or company), are not valid;
  7. Once the referral is received, the Callbox representative will contact the referred candidate within five (5) working days via phone or email as provided by you;

III. Commission Mechanics

  1. Callbox will pay you a commission for each referred candidate who signs up (i.e.. agrees to engage Callbox services);
  2. The commission will be paid for every confirmed payment made by your referral;
  3. Commissions will be computed as follows:
    • 10% of the contract amount if paid in cash (e.g. via PayPal or wire transfer)
  4. Commissions will be paid in your local currency.

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