A Paradise Has Been Lost

A home is not a home without a roof.

Siargao Island has been destroyed by a brutal typhoon.

Siargao Island, a remote, idyllic surfer’s paradise in the Philippines, needs your help. It has just been utterly devastated by the most brutal typhoon in recent memory.
With operations in Siargao, Callbox has become a part of the community and culture of the island. Our team has experienced the devastation of the typhoon first-hand. This is why it’s even more important and dear to our hearts to help the victims of Siargao.

100,000 people without a shelter.

With roofs of homes and businesses destroyed by the super typhoon, over 100,000 people are without shelter–in the rainy season.

Rebuilding Siargao

To help Rebuild Siargao, we are focusing immediate efforts on building storm-resistant roofing. We have trucks, ships and skilled labor. All we need is roofing supplies.

$500 for every family.

Every $500 your organization gives will put a roof over a family’s head.

Let’s tell the families of Siargao, “We’ve got you covered.”