Labor Day Tidbit: Nurture your In-House Marketing Team

Labor Day Tidbit of the Year- Nurture your Inside Sales Team

Every first Monday of September, the United States pays tribute to the hardworking men and women of the labor force. From the cubicles of Wall Street to the factories in San Antonio, the labor force has been instrumental in the success and improvement of businesses and lives.

Indeed, there is much more to grant other than brief “Thank you” notes or referrals for promotions.

Players in the B2B marketing industry should make a great deal out of this annual affair. Especially, with regards to their in-house marketing personnel, it is imperative for these companies to give their teams the best. Consequently, they could expect the best results from them. But for this to happen requires a great deal of humanizing the work force.

It can be pretty difficult for lead generation people to hunt for, converse (or put up) with prospects if they persistently starve for external motivation — that which entails environmental, interpersonal and yes, monetary stability — for them to be able to perform their jobs.

Luckily, one doesn’t need to be an expert in human resources to view the human side of labor. It only takes a few crucial tidbits for improving telemarketing campaigns and boosting sales conversions:

Provide a conducive atmosphere.

The work place, the cubicle, the production floor. These are where successes are built. And it makes all the difference when they have the facets of comfort and usability. As business leaders, your job entails providing your personnel with a healthy work environment. Give the office a new coat of paint, beautify the surroundings with plants and motivational posters, and make sure that employees have the freedom to explore outside their boxes.

Avoid micromanaging.

The film Office Space gives a clear representation of the dangers of micromanaging. The manager in the film oversees the work of individual employees. But his bullying tactics prove to be counter-efficient, with each employee enacting passive-aggressive retribution. The low budget comedy has striking parallels in the real world. Micromanagement is not something you should opt for. If you want to improve productivity, wear your employees’ shoes and not the jackboots of a Fascist dictator.

Give rewards and incentives.

Positive reinforcement helps. It is known to be an effective means of conditioning your employees to embrace work, learn to love it, and dedicate themselves to it. And what better way to achieve this than giving incentives to your employees for every extra effort. Make every minute of work count by establishing a reward system that recompenses punctuality as well as for every closed deal with a qualified lead.

And always remember that Labor Day doesn’t happen once every year. Employer-employee partnerships are enduring bonds as long as you have important goals to meet.