What Online Marketers can learn from the Hollywood Awards Season

What Online Marketers can learn from the Hollywood Awards Season

The Emmys. The Golden Globes. The Screen Actors Guild Awards. The BAFTAs. The Cannes Film Festival. And of course, the Oscars.

These are just some of the popular ones, but when you really look into it, there are countless more awards out there being dished out to actors and actresses for their performances in film and television. They really seem to enjoy giving awards to each other, and for some reason, we also enjoy watching them – well, most of us, at least.

Publicity that promotes itself

Whenever the awards season comes, so much global hype surrounds the Hollywood industry. Who’s gonna win? What is she gonna wear? Which film will get the most? Whose speech was most memorable? How did the losers react?

What is it about these ceremonies that drive people nuts? These are merely awards for ‘acting’, but whenever someone receives an Oscar, it’s as if that person won the Nobel Prize for curing cancer.

Well, it’s all about marketing. And as marketers, maybe you could learn a thing or two about the tinsel town way of generating publicity.

Awards ceremonies, first of all, help sell more movies. Great films contending for a grand prize – it makes people want to watch movies more. They want to see the performances. They would want to know what the buzz is all about. Businesses can generate the same buzz online.

In the B2B lead generation world, the competition is even fiercer. Businesses compete through product launches, website designs, promos, events, contests and other online activities. Just like Hollywood, you can amp that hype even higher by highlighting the features that make your brand stand out.

The best are the ones that sell

And did you know that the Academy Awards is a campaign-driven process?

Yes, for each film to be nominated and eventually bag that golden statuette, they have to carry out a massive and elaborate campaign to promote the film among the judging panel of the Academy. So essentially, the winner is not necessarily the best film, but the one which has made the bigger campaign impact on the judges.

This is unlike any other acting awards, where actors are judged by their true performances. So yes, the Oscars is very political, but it’s still considered the most prestigious.

Even in the real world, this holds true. No matter how mesmerizing and praiseworthy your products and services are, people will not learn to recognize it without a campaign to promote it. Once you have that prestige under your belt, it becomes so much easier to gain respect.

The main objective of lead generation is to let people know about your offers. Your target market, the business prospects that you painstakingly try to reach out to, they are the ultimate judge of your business.  Their satisfaction is the ultimate award.