Ways to Provide Online Customer Service without Getting Creepy

Customer Service Provider

You can master all sorts of modern marketing strategies: search engine optimization, e-mail marketing, STP (segmentation, targeting, positioning), b2b lead generation, and more, but it’s your customer service quality that will define the integrity of the company in the customer’s perspective. It’s the best strategy that makes all successful marketers share one great aspect, satisfied customer.

However, many companies still struggle in offering the best customer service. Most try so hard that they never realize they are already overdoing customer service; some tend to become really creepy in tracking customer needs and preferences making them really annoying which distort their customer service.

Keep in touch
Keep in touch with your customers regularly, but in a sense that you are not causing any annoyance. Send email in a reasonable pattern. Don’t just send emails, unless you want to end up in spam folder. Inform your customer that your company has a monthly email circulation and if they wanted to subscribe. This is a good way to establish connection with your new products, sale items, and special offerings. Use other channels in keeping the connection: social media, website cookie, mobile technology, and more. Just ensure to never make your customers feel like they are being tracked because that’s really creepy!

Add relevant Information
The main reason why most customers leave the website immediately is because they can’t find what they are looking for. It’s going to be very frustrating for them not to locate product information they need. This is just the first phase of losing valuable customers. Design a detailed page that has thorough product descriptions with graphical illustrations. Never bombard the page with product ads, just maintain a minimalistic and organized layout.

Cast magic words
Expelliarmus! No, not that kind of magic word, unless your customer is Voldemort. And that will make you look even creepier. This is the most apparent yet is always forgotten part of customer service. Use magic words like please, thank you, and you’re welcome. It’s always to your benefit to be courteous and polite to your customers. If you made a mistake, admit it quickly. But do not just offer them with perpetual apology, partner it with appropriate action.

Go beyond expectations
You don’t need to aim for a perfect customer service; going beyond customer expectation is enough. This is very vital because customers are diverse and they might not share same standards of customer service. They key idea here is understanding your customer and their needs. Design a simple and flexible product policy that can apply to all customers. This will set you away from saying “sorry ma’am, that’s our policy”. That line is absolutely aggravating.

Remember, offering the best customer service will not cost you much, and if it’ll cost you treat it as an investment. Because if you go the extra mile for a customer, they will go another mile, this time, with you.

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