How attractive is your company blog? Take the quiz to find out

How attractive is your company blog - Take the quiz to find out
If you’ve ever read Cosmopolitan (women) or Maxim (men), you’ve probably seen their signature quizzes, usually about personality assessment or social behavior.

What type of partner are you? What’s your relationship IQ? Are you ready to commit?

Familiar? Then you know how this works. We’ll use a similar quiz to check whether your company blog meets the standards of cyber-attractiveness. Answer the questions below, and award yourself the corresponding points based on your choice.

1. What do you see on top of your blog page?

  • Name of my blog + company logo + banner photo depicting the nature of our business. +10
  • Company logo +name of my blog. +5
  • Just the name of my blog + sub-heading. +1

2. What are the color-combinations noticeable on your blog?

  • 3 earth-toned colors, light background and dark text. +10
  • 4-5 colors, mostly primary colors (red, blue, yellow) and occasional secondary colors. +5
  • 6 or more colors, basically high-contrast (and I never use black fonts). +1

3. How many ad photos and links can be seen on a regular post?

  • At most 2 ads, relatively small and non-interfering. +10
  • 3-4 ads, crammed at the side. +5
  • 5 or more ads, virtually anywhere on the page, including during transitions. +1

4. What social media icons are on your blog?

  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and Youtube. +10
  • Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. +5
  • Social media what? +1

5. How detailed is your About Us page?

  • 150- 200 words = brief description, awards badges, testimonials, prominent people, photos. +10
  • 201-400 words = detailed company history, testimonials. +5
  • 100 words = company description. +1
  • 400 words = Wikipedia entry, detailed company history, complete bio of all employees. +1

6. Do you give out free stuff?

  • Yes, on a regular basis, sometimes in exchange for an email address. +10
  • Yes, occasionally, and only to members. +5
  • Never. They have to purchase stuff. +1

7. What are the fields on your subscription form?

  • Name, email, affiliation/industry. +10
  • Name, email, affiliation/industry, position, gender, age bracket. +5
  • Name, email, affiliation/industry, position, gender, age bracket, economic status, and several free-flow questions. +1

8. How fast does your blog load? (The average load time of top ranking websites is between 9.82 and 13.84 seconds)

  • Below 10 secs. +10
  • 11 to 15 secs.. +5
  • More than 15 secs. +1

Attractiveness Scale:

60 to 80 – Your site has all it takes to drive traffic and keep visitors in. All you need now is to focus on great content, and you’ll be on your way to blog stardom.

40 to 60 – Your site falls into the realm of the majority, which means there are a couple of things it needs to improve on. Identify these weaknesses and work on them today.

Below 40 – If you scored this low, you already pretty much know what went wrong based on the quiz itself. You’re driving away your visitors with stuff that’s not really helping your site. Gather your team, plan an overhaul, and compare the difference.