5 Things Batman can teach us about Effective Online Marketing

5 Things Batman can teach us about Effective Online Marketing

In 1939, Bob Kane and Bill Finger created one of the most enduring fictional superhero characters in pop culture. He is sometimes referred to as The Caped Crusader, while others call him The Dark Knight. But he will forever be known as Batman.

Exactly 75 years later (the first Batman comic came out in July 1939), the legend is still very much alive, with the success of its most recent film trilogy and another reboot in the next few years. He still appears on animated TV shows and comics are still in circulation. There’s no stopping everyone’s favorite superhero.

What can online marketers learn from Batman?

Create a Symbol: Batman created the bat-symbol to inspire hope for the people he was rescuing and fear for his enemies. He created a brand for himself that resonates with every Gothamite – good or bad. This is no different than creating a logo for your brand. Like Batman, it’s important to understand the emotion that you’re company is trying to inspire and create a brand that adequately evokes that emotion and hopefully spurs action

Be Consistent: Every time Commissioner Gordon lights up the bat-signal, Batman promptly arrives and is always ready to fight crime. In that same vain, in marketing efforts, it’s important to remain consistent not only in the message that you’re trying to send but in manner that you send/post it. This is especially true of B2B lead generation.

Have the Right Tools: Everyone knows about Batman’s famous utility belt and all his bat-gadgets ranging from the batarang to the ever-potent bat-shark repellent. The point is that he always has the right tool for the job. Whether you’re tweeting or pulling traffic analytics, you have to have the right tool to both get your message across and analyze your results.

Analyze: Batman doesn’t have any superpowers but what he does do better than most is analyze his surroundings and make deductions that always allow him to solve crimes. It is just as important in marketing to analyze to make sure you’re using your resources effectively and efficiently.

Be Dynamic: In a street fight Batman constantly has to use his knowledge of various fighting styles and his environment to win. He thinks on his feet and reacts to whatever comes his way. A good marketing campaign should run the same way – always adapting to the changes in the marketplace and its variables.

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