What to do After a Horrible Sales Call? [VIDEO]

What to do After a Horrible Sales Call? [VIDEO]

How fast can you bounce back when you can’t find the right words to say during a sales call?

A bad sales call can turn into a nightmare and ruin a potential sale. You must know how to take proper precautions to be able to recover. Let’s admit it. Everyone will experience having a bad day regardless how good you are in what you’re doing. Don’t let it ruin your day! Instead, learn from it and move on. Bad experiences along the way can be turned into a positive learning.

Video transcript:

Just got off the phone with a prospect, and it didn’t quite go well? It’s okay to feel bad. Afterall, nobody wants to screw up at work.

But how do you get yourself back and recover from a shitty sales calls?

Get some distance

Get up and step away from your desk.

  • Take a 10 minute break.
  • Get a coffee.
  • Go outside and take some fresh air.

Reflect on what went wrong

Turn bad sales call into an opportunity

  • What could I have said better?
  • Could I have handled the situation differently?
  • How could I have responded?

Everyone can commit mistakes once in awhile. What matters is what you did after to recover. Be positive and turn it into a learning opportunity. Don’t let it affect your future performance.


How about you? How do you get back in the game after a bad sales call? Let us know! Comment below.


 Originally appeared at Callbox Singapore.



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