Statistical Proofs Show That You Should Invest In Multi-Channel Marketing [Slides]

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If your name is easy to pronounce like “Jane”, people will favor you more. They say, men with shorter first names are over represented in the c-suite, e.g. Apple CEO Timothy “Tim” Cook.

Does a name really affect a personality or determine one’s success? If it does, then marketing experts did a great job on multi channel marketing.

Marketers never cease to amaze us. They fused two marketing technologies together: traditional (publications, broadcast, outdoor media, phone, postal, direct) and digital marketing (web/content, social, email, mobile, seo, videos), and came up with a single but broad and innovative strategy called multi channel marketing that provides businesses a more consumer-centric, integrated approach to communication.

It’s like a highway that connects businesses to target customers and provides both parties with valuable options through variables like finding the right provider and creating a customized approach through different media while ensuring optimal performance at reduced cost. At some point, leveraging more on the digital channels to cope with customers buying behaviors and trends.

Multi channel marketing has been a usable marketing strategy for businesses for quite some time now but only got massive advertisement in the recent years. Despite the short familiarity lag among its audience, it was able to address the multi channel customers’ buying demands.

Check out some digital marketing key statistics, industry benchmarks and some “named” technical jargons  that will get you motivated to maximize the best that multi channel marketing has to offer:

#1: Mobile

  • In 2014 we realized 7 billion mobile subscriptions, with a 30% smartphone subscription penetration rate.
  • Mobile data traffic across the globe was up 69%; Mobile video traffic across the globe was up 55%.
  • In the US, 2.8 hours per day is spent viewing information via mobile device (roughly 29% of total time). That is a 700% increase since 2010.
  • For millennials, 87% agree with the statement that their smartphone never leaves their side, day or night and 60% believe that in the next five years, everything will be done on mobile devices.

The main reason why websites are made mobile responsive. Marketers should take advantage the increasing mobile usage.

#2: Content

  • 67% of B2B buyers rely more on content to research and make purchasing decisions than they did a year ago. (source)
  • Nearly 64% of B2B technology buyers indicated that they read between 2 to 5 pieces of content before making a purchase. (source)
  • 68% of business owners believe outside reviews (done by some person or entity not related to the company) are the most important indicator of whether or not they can trust a new B2B vendor. (source)
  • Nearly 60% of agencies and brands consider content marketing to be “very significant” to their marketing strategies. (source)

Content is a significant factor for most businesses’ buying decisions.

#3: Social Media

Social networking sites evolved into new worlds within our planet.

#4: Video

  • Approximately 91% of companies with revenues over 500 million, are using digital video, making it the top form of digital advertising among organizations of this size. (source)
  • Four times as many online consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. (source)
  • Via same report findings, one quarter of consumers lose interest in a company if it doesn’t use video.
  • And also from the above report, 80% of consumers say a video showing how a product or service works is important when learning about the company.
  • 46% of marketers cite video as their most effective form of content but 59% indicated that video is the most challenging type of content to develop. 

B2B customers turn to content video for branding and promotion. Create your own viral content, stick to these Three S’s!

#5: Email

  • According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing yields an estimated 4,300 percent ROI.
  • A nurtured lead increases sales 20 percent more than a cold lead. At 33 percent less cost than other lead-generating mechanisms, emails generate 50 percent more sales.
  • Email marketing works 40 times better at getting customers than Facebook and Twitter, and compared to social media, it offers 17 percent higher conversion.
  • It’s estimated that 91 percent of consumers check email at least once a day on their smartphones.

Emailing has become businesses’ air to breathe – customer acquisition and connection are well established through it.

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#6: SEO

  • Search is the starting point for 60% of travelers (Search Engine Watch)
  • 81% of B2B purchase cycles start with web search, and 90% of buyers say when they are ready to buy, “they’ll find you.” (
  • Search is the #1 driver of traffic to content sites, beating social media by more than 300% (
  • 60% of all organic clicks go to the organic top 3 search results (HubSpot)

SEO offers a wide range of information and services from personal to business deals – It’s a way for you to find what you search for and get searched by those trying to find you.

Multi Channel Marketing. The name itself speaks of its broad potentialities and powerhouse capabilities for today’s business demands. This blog has only given maybe only a fraction or less of what you need to know about the proven effectiveness of multi channel marketing.

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Check out list of successful multi channel marketing campaigns:


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