7 Ways to Get Better at Marketing to SMBs [Slides]

7 Ways to Get Better at SMBs

SMBs or Small to Mid-sized Businesses are so called due to their employee size and/or financial capacity. Typically, a business with 100 or fewer employees is considered small, while a business with 100-999 employees is medium-sized.

Because of the limitations on their budget and infrastructure, they are often difficult to reach and sell to. But they also have the biggest potential in terms of growth and development.

Here’s how you can effectively market to SMBs:

1. Educate first, sell later.

SMB owners are easily overwhelmed by sales choices. Before you start pitching, enlighten them with everything they need to know.

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2. Look for their soft spots.

Some value a product’s affordability over its quality, while some think otherwise. Your job is to discover what makes sweeps them off their feet.

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3. Learn their research habits

Where do they hang out? What forum are they a member of? Which social network is their go-to site? You’ll learn a lot by observing their actions and hearing out their sentiments.

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4. Determine how they like to communicate

Most owners prefer old-fashioned telephone calls, some like in-the-flesh meet-ups, while others are purely email-based. Find out how you can best establish a relationship.

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5. Make low-risk offers

SMBs don’t have the luxury of overspending, so they would like to make sure their investments are worth it. Create offers that are easy to put their faith in.

6. Don’t focus too much on the long-term

As much as they want to plan 3-5 years ahead for their business, SMBs are usually more concerned about the present situation. Give them something to look forward to, but don’t dwell on it.

7. Give them time

Purchase and contractual decisions are a big leap for most SMBs. These can either make or break their business, so allow them enough time to mull over their actions.

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