Global Media Runs on Accurate Market Data [CASE STUDY]

Global Media Runs On Accurate Market Data [CASE STUDY]

Product/Service: Digital Audio, Video and Evidence Capture, and Management Solutions
Campaign Type: Call-to-Invite, Data Profiling

The Client is a Singapore-based technology marketing company that provides a wide scale of marketing programs to some of the top medium-to-large companies across all industries. They’ve worked with Callbox for three years since 2013 on data profiling, survey taking, and creating a white paper.

  • Callbox thoroughly examined the data available in the client’s existing data source and collected other relevant information at a rate of 91 percent.
  • Callbox was required to probe into the minutest details of each data using a client-provided 11-question verification form.
  • Callbox produced for the client a persuasive, authoritative, and in-depth report about its four technology segments: Big Data, Cloud Infrastucture, Desktop Virtualization, and Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity.

See how the campaign helped improve the accuracy of the client’s data and promoted and highlighted the features of its products and services.

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