Callbox’s 3-Step Tactic To Success for Marketing Consulting Specialist [CASE STUDY]

Client story image with text "Callbox Three Step Tactic Success Marketing Specialist"

Product/Service: IT and Software Event Marketing Solutions

Campaign: Call-to-Invite, Email Marketing

A Malaysia-based Marketing Consulting Agency grew a reputation having run several successful events for world-renowned companies like Intel, Microsoft, Bosch, Castrol, and Disney Channel. Instead of being complacent, it set the bar higher: expand and provide quality service to multinational IT and software companies. Callbox was happy to help it realize its modest ambition.

  • Knowing Callbox has a wealth of experience in events marketing campaigns, the client entrusted it in providing a substantial and well profiled database in order to gather as many interested prospects as possible
  • Callbox then came up with a multi-channel marketing campaign for the Client and used its Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool to create a seamless workflow for the team to give the client the best advantage

Know more how much time and resources the client saved with the help of Callbox Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool.

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