Callbox Takes on Challenge and Scores a VIQtory [CASE STUDY]

Callbox Takes on Challenge and Scores A VIQtory [CASE STUDY]

Product/Service: Digital Audio, Video and Evidence Capture, and Management Solutions

Campaign Type: Lead Generation

VIQ Solutions is a leader in Precision Transcription & Stenography services in Australia, providing quality and accurate professional transcription for events, meetings, arbitrations and courts throughout the country. The client wanted Callbox’s help to improve their lead generation campaign.

  • The client wanted Callbox to help them forge partnerships with companies dealing with delicate information, and thus would require accurate transcription services, such as in the legal, medical, insurance and finance industries
  • Callbox provided the client with a battery of dedicated services in its multi channel marketing program designed to give the client the best possible marketing advantages

Find out how Callbox seamlessly married its multi-channel marketing program with the client’s impressive business objectives to get optimum business results.

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