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Software Products

Integrated Campaign for UK's Leading Workflow Automation Solution

Product/Service: Enterprise Workflow Applications Software & Automation Solutions (Microsoft)
Campaign: Call-to-Invite, Lead Generation

Giant Software Solutions Provider Improves Lead Capture and Conversion with Callbox

Product/Service: 3D & PLM Software
Campaign: Lead Generation

Australian Software Vendor Taps Callbox to Fast-track Sales in Asia-Pacific

Product/Service: Practice Management and Tracking software
Campaign: Lead Generation

Software Company Transforms Marketing Activities after Using Callbox

Product/Service: Shipping Software
Campaign: Lead Generation

Callbox Packs Webinars for Software Company

Product/Service: Managed Services & Remote Monitoring Software
Campaign: Call-to-Invite, Lead Generation

Giant Software Company Finds Callbox at the End of Quest for Sustainable Marketing Solution

Product/Service: Enterprise Software
Campaign: Call-to-Invite

IT Products and Services

Quantifying Lead Generation Success for World-Class Data Solutions Provider

Product/Service: Data Storage
Campaign: Call-to-Invite, Lead Generation, Data Profiling

Print Solutions Provider Makes the Switch to Telemarketing

Product/Service: Managed Print Solutions
Campaign: Lead Generation

IT Firm Uses Callbox to Divide and Conquer Market

Product/Service: IT Consulting
Campaign: Data Profiling, Survey

Upstart Storage Company Beats Launching Turnout Target in a Flash

Product/Service: Data Storage
Campaign: Call-to-Invite

Advertising Services

Commercial Cleaning Services

Merchant Services

Financial Services

Education and Training Services


Manufacturing and Distribution

Other Industries

Callbox Brings the Sunshine to Sales Lead Generation

Product/Service: Energy Retailer
Campaign: Lead Generation

Leading Online Company Profits with Live Phone Operators

Product/Service: Online Hotel Reservations Provider
Campaign: Inbound Customer Service

Callbox Dishes Out The Leads

Product/Service: Digital Satellite Provider
Campaign: Lead Generation

Callbox Opens Doors For International Trade

Product/Service: International Trade
Campaign: Lead Generation

Singaporean Research and Consulting Company Strides into US Market with Callbox

Product/Service: Intelligence & Business Consulting
Campaign: Appointment Setting
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