The Best Marketing Automation Software of 2014

The Best Marketing Automation Software of 2014

Marketing automation software are sprouting like mushrooms and both B2B and B2C companies are harvesting them to make a fresh stew of quality marketing engagements.

Indeed, as the year closes, business managers are gearing to enhance their marketing and sales processes through automation. They have learned that, with business software solutions, fruitful customer interactions can be realized and better profitability can be increased. Such were experienced by B2B companies in their lead generation in 2014.

Companies that have yet to make the crucial stride towards a productive marketing pipeline can still install automated software systems for next year.

Since there is no perfect time to consider digitized lead generation processes than now, here are some of the year’s best marketing automation platforms that are worth a gander for 2015.

SaleForce. Ever since it catered business marketing, this system has been in the frontline in promoting quality CRM assistance. In fact, whenever people say CRM, SalesFroce almost always comes to mind. Using sophisticated lead management systems, SalesForce enables quality real-time communications with qualified decision-makers. Its Cloud Marketing platform allows for effective data collation and marketing-sales integration, which are necessary for sending out tailored-messages based on relevant customer data.

Marketo.  B2B businesses are also considering Marketo as an effective lead management tool. Perhaps, what makes it different from the rest is its powerful lead generation software boasting effective prospecting, qualifying and nurturing high-profile decision-makers. Business managers will surely have a swell time overseeing these activities through a user-friendly database which only Marketo can provide.

HubSpot. When it comes to inbound marketing, there is no other platform promising online visibility than HubSpot. Specifically useful for companies that focus on multi-channel engagements, HubSpot takes pride in delivering and increasing lead traffic via its effective use of SEO, landing page optimization and web content. Moreover, the platform also has its strength in allowing easier lead tracking and analytics, giving one’s business a good view of each individual lead’s web journey, from capture to conversion.

eTrigue. Revenue tracking has always been an issue among B2B and B2C companies alike. Luckily, eTrigue has all the necessary ingredients that assure businesses their ROI is as good as covered. Aside from reliability, the platform also ensures efficiency and speed in terms of maximizing marketing resources to better focus on high quality leads.

These top four marketing platforms constitute but a small portion of why businesses are considering marketing automation. But the bottom line is that, whether you want to focus on digitizing your core marketing processes or not, marketing automation is clearly sculpting the future of how businesses execute their lead generation campaigns.


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