Lead Nurturing Done Right: Introducing Callbox Pipeline’s Lead Nurture Tool

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Everybody’s talking about how important lead nurturing is and how it helps businesses not only facilitate the blossoming of sales-ready leads, but also in building a strong connection between the seller and the buyer.

A lot of strategies revolve around sending a string of emails and basically just preserving constant communication with leads. But what that does is like saying “Don’t forget about us”. For lead nurturing to really be effective, the focus should be on value.

According to a LinkedIn Pulse article:

Leads are like babies. You don’t know how your child will turn out when they grow up, just like you don’t know how lucrative leads can be. But a lead is nothing more than a newborn.

You have to nurture your newborns with value and educational resources. The purpose of lead nurturing is to help your leads grow and reach “saleshood”.

A Tool That Does It All

While most lead nurturing systems are too expensive and time consuming to set up, Callbox Pipeline’s Lead Nurture Tool offers a lightweight (read: simpler and cheaper) alternative giving you all the benefits of a well-executed marketing automation system at a tiny fraction of the sticker price.

Here’s the pitch: this tool allows you to perform lead nurturing actions through six — yes, six — different channels: call, email, postal mail, SMS, online, and social. We’re not bluffing.

This user-friendly automation system is basically a blueprint of actions that are set off by predetermined triggers based on lead behavior, such as downloading a brochure, visiting a website or expressing interest in a certain topic, or even non-action triggers such as appointment no-shows or unreachable contacts

Its drag-and-drop interface makes it ultra-easy for you to design, apply and modify schemes. It even comes with real-time notifications that allow you to send and receive timely reminders and alerts via email and in real-time via Pipeline. You can also make use of its detailed reporting complete with activity logs and campaign statistics in making necessary modifications or gaining insight.

Personalized Automation is no longer a paradox

Callbox Pipeline’s Lead Nurturing Tool features custom email templates where you can create messages that sound like you and look like your business, and upload them to Pipeline for a more personal brand of email marketing.

We also let you bridge the information gap between your company and your prospects by providing landing pages with many conversion-friendly templates to choose from.

With Callbox Pipeline’s Lead Nurture tool, flexibility and efficiency will take marketing automation to a whole new level.

Learn more about this all-around tool, or you may contact us.