Humanizing Marketing Automation: A Three Step Plan

Humanizing Marketing Automation: A Three-Step Plan

In the long run, many owners of B2B enterprises want to expand their revenue. Of course, one way to do this is through an effective lead generation program. But there is more to it than flooding a prospect’s inbox.

B2B prospects represent human individuals. They are not just numbers in a Google Analytics graph. They are clients willing to spend for offers that are relevant to and in line with their objectives. It is therefore important to effectively humanize one’s lead generation campaign in modern ways.

Recently, many B2B companies are automating their marketing processes due to the benefits it has for personalization. We know for a fact that sending out personalized messages to individual prospects can be a daunting job, but marketing automation software effectively eases this out. After all, automated and personalized marketing campaigns have been proven to increase transaction and revenue rates by six times, according to Experian Marketing Services in a 2013 study. And with 2015 emphasizing more on quality human engagements, more marketers in the B2B field will find it worthwhile to bring personalization to a whole new level.

That is very much possible if one knows how to apply a strategy that realizes quality prospect engagements. The three-step plan below illustrates just that.

Step1: Include contact names.

Prospects respond positively to messages that bear their names and the companies they represent. It has also been pointed out that subject lines with recipient names generate better response rates. Simple as it is, taking this tip into account can cement your relations with future clientele.

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Step 2: Segment your lists.

To bring out the efficiency of your email campaign, segment your list of prospects into groups based on specific data such as company size, location and job title. Marketing automation then manages your communications and delivers personalized messages accordingly.

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Step 3: Modify your campaign.

You cannot change how people view your product. You can only learn to adapt. Understanding buyer activities can provide a comprehensive view of what your targets want. To do this would require tracking landing site behaviors and collating data from fill forms.

The three-step plan above would effectively bring out the best in your B2B lead generation campaign. But you may still need competent people to apply it for you.

Managing marketing automation software that improves personalization requires technical proficiencies, which a company with multi-channel marketing capabilities never fails to deliver.  

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