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You’ve heard about Marketo, Eloqua, and Hubspot, right?

Big and popular as these companies are, their success in marketing is founded on one basic principle: sending the right message to the right person at the right time. That is what lead nurturing is all about. It’s more than drip marketing or simply writing 5 emails and sending them out to your prospects on a drip schedule. It’s about getting your prospects’ attention, educating them and getting them engaged, by being able to deliver certain messages they need to receive at certain points in the sales process.

However, most lead nurturing systems are too expensive and time consuming to set up. Callbox Pipeline’s Lead Nurture Tool offers a lightweight (read: simpler and cheaper) alternative to these heavyweight players giving you all the benefits of a well-executed marketing automation system at a tiny fraction of the sticker price.

Callbox Pipeline provides you with an intelligent, easy-to-use lead nurturing system without the clunky interfaces and overpriced tools.

Launch multi-channel, multi-step campaigns in minutes!


Automate Behavior-based Actions

Take active control of your lead nurturing process by defining the next move for any given status of your sales prospect – send him an email, give him a call or a text message, or simply give yourself a buzz to remind yourself to follow-up on certain leads.

Send Email

Engage and nurture prospects by sending them automated sequence of emails and other communications based on actions they take – be it downloading a brochure, visiting a website or expressing interest in a certain topic.

Send Email

Send SMS

Where their phones are, there your prospects are, too! Reach them in real-time by sending an SMS inviting them to an appointment or confirming the one you just booked. (Currently available in the US.)

Send SMS

Send Postal Mail

Set yourself apart by getting your message in your client’s hands, his actual hands! You can set your nurture scheme to automatically send your prospect a promo postcard or your new client a welcome packet.

Send Postal Mail

Prompt to Call

Give your prospect a call as soon as he opens your email or visits your website, or set a reminder for yourself to call your prospect at a certain time. Acting on these triggers right away, while you are fresh on your prospects’ minds, gives you a better chance to convert your opportunities into leads.

Prompt to Call


Create Custom Email, Landing Page, Direct Mail and SMS Content

Enjoy the benefit of complete and comprehensive control over your marketing messaging by customizing your content across all channels.

Custom Email Templates

Create messages that sound like you and look like your business, and upload them to Pipeline for a more personal brand of email marketing.

Custom Email Templates

Custom Landing Pages and Forms

Choose from our landing page templates designed for high conversion rates.

Landing Page Builder

Custom Postal Mail Content

Send us your custom postcard design or letter-size documents and we’ll have them sent to your prospects at scheduled times based on your set triggers.

custom postal mail content

Custom SMS Messages

Drop your prospect a casual reminder regarding your scheduled phone call or a message confirming your next face-to-face appointment.

Custom SMS Messages


Respond to Prospects in Real-Time

Touch base with your prospects at the most opportune times – right when they’re most interested and ready to hear from you.

Real-time Alerts

Send and receive timely reminders and notifications via email and in real-time via Pipeline so you can respond promptly to specific actions taken by your prospects.

Real-time Notifications

Detailed Reporting

Track the progress of a scheme by checking its activity log or monitor the results of your email marketing effort with a full report on email metrics.

Detailed Reports


Track All Touchpoints with Callbox Pipeline Integration

Our Lead Nurturing Tool is seamlessly integrated with the Callbox Pipeline so you can see all of the touchpoints generated through your automated Lead Nurturing schemes alongside other manual touchpoints, giving you a complete picture of each lead with information on current status and contact history.

Pipeline Integration

The core purpose of marketing is to engage and nurture leads over a period of time, until they are
ready to become customers. With our Lead Nurture tool, you can automatically deliver targeted
responses to each person in your sales pipeline based on the actions they have taken, regardless
of their status and position in the sales process.

Learn more about Callbox Pipeline’s Lead Nurture Tool. Call or email us today.

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