YouTube for Lead Generation: Go or No?

YouTube for Lead Generation Go or No

Since 2004, YouTube has been an internet powerhouse, and with the numbers to go with the prestige. In a July post by Digital Media Ramblings, YouTube has at least 1 billion people actively accessing the site and with a staggering 4 billion video views per day, making it a goldmine for B2B marketers.

But going beyond these succulent statistics, will it still be wise to use YouTube for lead generation?

There is never denying that social media is a powerful marketing tool, but not essentially so. There are limits to what you can do in astronomic social media communities such as in YouTube.

Before taking the initial steps towards a video-based campaign, take note of the following considerations featured in an entry by Magnet Video:

Blocking. Business executives have strict policies on the use of social media during work. Employees are said to slip in a few minutes of updating statuses and watching PewDiePie during work, thus interfering with productivity and forcing executives to limit or ban social media access. It is uncertain whether you have delivered your message to your intended demographic effectively.

Issues with Streaming Performance. We all have experienced it while watching a YouTube video: The grey bar desperately trying to outpace the red bar in a race to satisfy your need for the latest Eminem music video. Buffering issues can be frustrating, especially to video-based B2B marketing campaigns.  And they can also be irksome to prospective customers, who will immediately leave the page if the buffering paces like a turtle with a hangover. So, reliability-wise, there is really no guarantee of higher conversion rates.

Limited Customer Support. When issues arise, customer support is there to help. But with YouTube, you can’t expect solutions to arrive in just a snap of your fingers. The cost-efficiency that it provides proves advantageous. But when things get a little hectic, you are bound to find the solutions yourself, which of course may cost you a little extra.

Branding.  Big and small businesses may find YouTube helpful in promoting their brand through thumbnails. These small sized clickable images direct the users to the video player. Often, the thumbnail presents a snapshot of the video to be watched. YouTube now allows users to upload custom thumbnails (the company logo for example), giving your brand the exposure it deserves.

Use of External Links. YouTube has also allowed users to provide their videos with links to associated websites. A recent innovation that helps marketers, the scheme seems susceptible to drawbacks. For one, customers may find the embedded links distracting. YouTube has given them the option of closing the annotations or retaining them throughout the duration of the video.

As it seems, creating a video-based lead generation campaign can be pretty challenging. But the real score in order to realize your campaign goals is content. You may need to churn out compelling videos with respect to making effective calls to action and providing you community with clear solutions that can maintain retention.

Source: 5 Reasons B2B Marketers Should Avoid YouTube for Video Lead Generation Campaigns