Why Marketing Leads Production Shouldn’t Go on a Holiday

Why Marketing Leads Production Shouldn't Go on a Holiday

Yeah, I know. It’s the holidays and everyone should just enjoy themselves and have fun, worry about waistlines and not deadlines, and, at least bring good cheer if not gifts. Also, it’s the best time to be laidback, to take some time off the routine, to bask in paradise called Doing Nothing. But guess what? Just because you’re taking a break from work, it doesn’t mean your work is taking a break too. A huge part of success is being focused when everyone is else distracted. Here are several reasons why leads production should never take a holiday off.

More Internet Traffic

It’s the time of year when most people look forward to celebrate, to be laidback and to take time off of work, to gorge on pastries and other food that threaten to halve one’s life expectancy, to get drunk and wasted and live to tell about the next day – with the same people you got drunk with. Hey, it only happens once a year, right? When people don’t spend their time in the office, that time is obviously spent on the activities mentioned above and also browsing the Internet. So whatever you do, always think about your internet mileage during the holiday season. Whether they’re blogs, articles, infographics, ebooks, or anything of value or anything that can directly help your prospects, launch them or maximize their distribution during the holiday season. In our case, we made sure we had an ebook launched just before December so that people have ample time for them.

Spending Increases

In case you don’t know, people spend a lot of money during this time of the year. Think about bonuses, productivity pay, quota bonus, etc. When people get their bonuses, they spend them. After all, it’s the holidays. You can always save in January. Even big companies splurge during the holidays because chances are, once you don’t spend within the year the budget you were given to start the year, the board might decrease your budget the following year. It’s not uncommon for management to declare unspent budget as surplus and or savings, so some decision-makers just spend them on products and/or services that are useful to them. The bottomline is, people generally spend more during this period. I don’t see why your business can’t take advantage of that.

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People Upgrade Stuff

People want to change their lives (for the better) as the new year approaches. But if you’re leading a company, you also make sure your systems and processes are not left behind. As you’ve decided it’s time you got healthier, quit smoking, lost weight, joined a gym, or imporved your general well-being, you also decide to improve the company infrastructure, the software, or anything that directly affects the company’s performance and outlook. If you’re a B2B company, ask yourself if your product or service can truly improve your prospects’ lives. Will people be specifically searching for your product or service over this time? It’s also a great idea to utilize a remarketing campaign to re-capture audience who have visited your site before. If you can make a difference, you want people to be able to find you and believe in your business and product.

It’s Time to Raise your Game

It’s pretty simple. You go to the same gym with the guy everybody looks up to – washboard abs, biceps look pregnant with biceps, the works. Of course, you don’t want to be like him – you want to be better. You know the only time you don’t see him in the gym are Sundays and holidays (he has a girlfriend that demands time on holidays, good luck to him). If you want to be better than him, you don’t take the time off when he’s not there. You don’t take Sundays off either. You put in work because someday, you know you will be like him, if not become a better version of him. It isn’t news that if you want something, you’ll need to put in the work for it, and that includes your work ethic and your relationships with people around you.

Bottom line

It’s not fun working hard. It’s much less fun working so hard when everyone else is having the time of their lives. But take a look at your goal again. You don’t want to be mediocre. You want to make it big. But those who made it big in whatever field they chose — big time entrepreneurs, businessmen, inventors, tycoons, even top-level athletes — see holidays differently. It’s not an excuse to slack off; for them, it’s an opportunity to get better, to cut the rival’s lead or increase one’s own, to get closer to perfection. The same is true when it comes to marketing. In this industry, every second you are away means another second for your competitor to try to take your prospect away from you.

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