Where to Find Qualified Solar Leads these Days?

Where to Find Qualified Solar Leads these Days

Solar power has been one of many alternative energy sources that have cultivated a certain level of attention ever since people have opened up to the idea of environmental security. Then again, there is still a need for research institutions as well as governments to publicize the benefits of using solar panels.

The US solar market grew 41% last year – www.techrepublic.com

Although there has been an increase in the use of solar panels in recent years, a lot of effort is needed in order to convince more people to go solar.

For companies that are developing and selling solar technology, nothing is more difficult than to promote their products to people who need them the most. In this respect, generating qualified solar leads is the main issue and marketers in this type of industry have to scour everywhere to find potential buyers.

If you were a customer with an interest towards solar panel installation, where would you be? Below are some of the best sources for solar leads you can always count on.

Social media.

Well, you can always bet that your prospects are in the web, mingling with other users who have the same sentiment for cleaner energy. In solar lead generation, it is only a matter of using the right messaging and content to draw in interested clients. You can always opt for informational material such as infographics and videos that have viral potential

You also have the option of providing external links to sites that offer more information about solar technology (*coughs* via your website *coughs*).


Tradeshows? Who comes to these things anyway?” Well, just some decision-makers who want to engage vendors of efficient solar technology such as yours. Really though, tradeshows are basically a goldmine for the solar industry because it is where the juiciest leads go to for scouting potential products. As experience tells us, direct engagements offer more possibilities for future appointments. In short, they help you obtain as much high quality solar leads you can stuff the sales pipeline with.

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Online forums.

If you were a solar lead, you would be spending much of your sweet time researching about the potentials of solar energy. Especially if you are an environmentally-minded decision-maker with a desire to cut electricity costs across the board, you might as well discuss about the topic with like-minded people.

Where, you ask? Well, there are tons of online forums where you can mingle with an audience of prospects. You only need to throw a good message that will get their attention.

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Solar energy is a step forward towards a cleaner (and brighter) future. And if you opt to brighten up your lead generation and gain qualified solar leads for less, there is always a reliable third party marketing firm that can help you out.