What To Do When Speed And Quality Collide In Lead Generation?

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This is an issue that has faced a lot of entrepreneurs, from the past until the very present. In the course of doing your business, there will be times when the pressure as many sales leads as you can in a short time period will compare us to cut corners. While this can solve one’s short-term goal, it can create a myriad of other headaches, like lost sales or poor quality of B2B leads. But this is also an issue that can be easily solved. Just like what Drew Greenblatt says in his article, quality should trump everything else.

Sure, meeting the deadline is great, but people tend to have long memories. This is especially an acute ability when they are displeased with something. That can happen to you if you send in a product or service that. While it is within your time frame, the negative reaction of unhappy prospects can destroy our reputation in the market. Now that is a much more serious concern, one that can derail your future appointment setting plans.

In case the unlikely happens (you realize you will miss the deadline), it is best to tell your prospects and clients immediately about it. Do not wait for the day before the event to inform them about it. As soon as you know a delay occurred, it is also the time for your telemarketing representative to inform your prospects about it.

Just remember that quality will always be first. Do that right, and everything else will fall in their proper places.