What Prospects Love to Hear During a Sales Call

What Prospects Love to Hear During a Sales Call

The month of love is upon us in just a week’s time. Now, you must be asking yourself, what’s love got to do with B2B and sales calls? Well, picture going on a first date. You want to put your best foot forward at all times to impress your date. You want to make them feel comfortable and make it an unforgettable experience for them in the hopes that you’ll be able to go on many dates with them in the future. 

The same goes for sales calls. You want your prospects to enjoy the interaction they’re having with you — not to mention, unforgettable, too.

So, in order to make sure that you can catch their attention, we’ve compiled a list of things that every prospect loves to hear.

Emphasize A Focus On Outcomes

You should constantly be asking yourself what you can do for your (potential) customers. This includes during your sales calls. When you ensure seamless service after the sale is made, you ensure your customer that you don’t just care about making money. Rather, you care about their success and how your product helped them achieve it. 

Ensure A Customer-Company Partnership

Prospects don’t want to be sold to. After all, they’ve already done a lot of research and know what they like and don’t like. So they don’t need you to explain that to them. However what they do want to hear is that when they become customers, they become partners. That is, their feedback is valued, and your support will be offered throughout their company’s journey. 

Establish Yourself As A Trusted Advisor

Throughout your sales calls you should reaffirm the sentiment that when they become a customer, they gain a trusted advisor in your company. Assuring them of regular check-ins and frequent status updates will send the message that you aren’t only interested in selling to them, but working with them as well. 

When you can anticipate the behaviors of each customer, you can engage with the right person at the right time, and when you have a proactive process in place, you can spend less time putting out fires, and more time building a relationship.  

Share Your Content Library With Them

Information is easier than ever to find. But finding the right information can be more challenging. That’s where you (a salesperson) come in. You can create a content library or leverage an existing one that includes all assets that can answer common questions at various stages of the buyer journey. 

While potential buyers may not want to hear your sales pitch yet, this content can be incredibly helpful in terms of education and empowering them to be in a better position to make a buying decision. 

The Takeaway

In this ever-changing B2B landscape, the buyer has more power than ever, so your sales call technique should involve keeping them at the center of everything. The sales call is by no means obsolete. Even the cold call can be effective when done properly. It’s not the thing that’s outdated, it’s simply the approach. 

When you make a point to partner with your prospects and customers and show a genuine interest in helping them with your product or service, you can close more deals all while creating long-lasting relationships.

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