4 Simply Effective Ways To Land More Consulting Clients

4 Simply Effective Ways To Land More Consulting Clients

You are an expert, but if you can’t market your consulting business, you will soon find yourself out of business.

Once you create a brand, your goal is to position your business so your ideal clients can find you.

There is not one magic solution to making clients come to you. Instead, you need time, money, effort, and a great deal of strategy.

Let us take a look at the common marketing tips that also apply to consultants:

  • Provide expert value; become a thought leader
  • Be an active voice on various social media platforms
  • Networking is marketing, so it should be like a second skin to you.

Consistency is key to making these techniques work for your business. It also demands a lot of time—hours that you’d rather exert on performing and growing your business.

Today we break down specific and affordable marketing tactics. These four strategies should help you market your business wisely and get you results more quickly.

#1 Pay for Ads to Your Advantage

The internet has caused advertisers to go overboard with their campaigns. Whether you’re watching a movie on YouTube or doing research on the Net, ads will suddenly pop up and block your view or distract you from accessing the content you want.

Contrary to what advertisers will tell you about marketing with ads, the audience has become smarter in avoiding these annoying distractions. Ad blockers for one make your paid efforts virtually useless.

On the other hand, you can still make the most of paid advertisements. If you do Paid Advertisements right, you can successfully land client after client.

Nowadays, content marketing is becoming more popular among businesses and organizations because they are effective.

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Two Words: Attention Span

Experts say you have as much as three seconds to get the attention of a potential client through ads.

The three-second rule is the same whether you use digital advertising, email advertising, print advertising or direct mail.

While it is vital as a thought leader to construct a message with urgency and utmost importance, a photograph that demands attention is a must. Visually, the image you pair with your message should stand out in a sea of advertisements.

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#2 If You Want to Grow, You Can’t Do it By Yourself

One of the downfalls of independent consultants is when they try to handle their business single-handedly.

Everyone has weaknesses even as they have uncontested strengths.

When working through a marketing strategy, you need to understand what you’re good at and know your limitations.

For instance, not everyone is good at sales. Not all look forward to delivering a cold pitch. If you can create a team and outsource your weaknesses effectively, you can focus more of your time doing what you genuinely enjoy.

Successful consultants know where they excel and build a team that is strong in areas of their weaknesses.

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#3 Don’t Be Afraid to Charge for Your Services

One of the dilemmas of those in the service industry is knowing how much to charge.

You may resolve to offer a standard price based on how other consultants charge.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t compare your worth to what others offer. Each person has his or her level of expertise. Focus on authenticity. Your customers will be able to tell.

In no way should you give your time and labor for free. No matter what consultancy services you offer, you have a right to demand a fee—or else don’t jump in on a deal.

Be wary that you will be losing contracts when you stand by your worth. Others may say you are not worth that much and compare you to freelancers on Upwork, for instance. Don’t be discouraged.

Clients who understand the value that you offer are ready to pay your real worth.

On the contrary, you need to be willing to offer some of your time. You may need to sit down with a potential client, listen to his problems, draft a solution, and cue in your expertise.

Never be pushy. Leave it to your client to decide whether or not he needs your services now. Do offer yourself as open to doing business with the client anytime they need your consultancy.

#4 Don’t Expect to Sell Every Time

People want to feel like they have control over their decisions when buying. No one wants to feel like they are pressured to purchase. When growing your consulting business, be genuinely helpful without expecting a sale in return all the time.

The sale will come in its own time. In the meantime, you are putting yourself out there as someone who provides value. Once your services are needed, your clients know you are the go-to.

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