6 Brilliant Ways in Finding New Clients for your Consulting Services

6 Brilliant Ways in Finding New Clients for your Consulting Services

A consulting business sounds good, classy even. But few ever make it big time. The reason? A lack of a consistent and effective approach to marketing. We pride ourselves as marketing experts, and here’s what we’ve proven to work. Of course, this list was made up assuming you already have a decent existing website.

Telemarketing and a Targeted List

Telemarketing and a Targeted List

Not just cold-calling random people, but a targeted list of prospects. Outbound telemarketing campaigns can be a great way to reach a group of targeted prospects or customers to communicate a message, gather feedback, and determine a next step for the relationship.

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Quality Content & Email Marketing for Newsletter

Quality Content & Email Marketing for Newsletter

I’ve always been a believer of content marketing because it’s simple and it makes a lot of sense – business sense. You simply write (good) content, the content gets shared, gradually building the brand, and in due time, people find you. For a consulting business, you can start by writing a newsletter. A newsletter will serve as the bridge between your consulting business and your prospects. We all know business is all about making connections. Plus, publications are viewed as a very important source for valuing your company and its products.

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Email marketing and Call-To-Actions

Email marketing has been around for quite some time, and it’s not showing signs of slowing down at all, despite the obvious shift toward social media.

Businesses have been collecting email addresses for years. Now, top consultants are doing the same.  Bottom line, email remains the best channel for getting your content into people’s hands. Oh, and remember: always add a personal message and an irresistible CTA for better conversion.

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Social media as a Lead Generation Tool

6 Brilliant Ways in Finding New Leads and Clients for your Consulting Services

I cannot overemphasize the importance of social media in marketing today. It’s just the great equalizer. As long as you have a substantial social media presence, you are halfway there.  Using your social media channels as a way to market and engage with your audience, announce events, and highlight your services gives you yet another lead generation tool.

Consultants can use social media to share ideas, answer questions and participate in communities where their leads are. Social media marketing is a great way to build brand visibility and recall and an avenue to build a solid PR stance by sharing great ideas, answers, and content. Of course, where you want to focus your social media campaign depends entirely on you.   

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Referral Marketing Ads on Social Media

6 Brilliant Ways in Finding New Leads and Clients for your Consulting Services

The best business strategy is making your customers happy. Then you’ll get referrals you didn’t even know existed. Leverage your existing relationships and clients to generate leads. Ask for recommendations, but ensure that your existing clients are happy and that your consulting practice is meeting expectations. But don’t just solicit those you’ve worked with for referrals. Consider asking other prospects in your area if they wouldn’t mind referring your services to anyone asking, and be sure to give incentives. Not necessarily in the form of cash, but something that still has value. Like discounts or other offers. Also, you can actually broadcast your referral ads on social media.

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Join Events and Widen your Network.

6 Brilliant Ways in Finding New Leads and Clients for your Consulting Services

Ah, to see and be seen. If there are local business groups in your area, make sure you get in front of them. Volunteer to speak at a local business gathering or join a network that’s trying to promote business in your area. These people are your audience, and you should be doing all you can to make yourself known to them.

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Remember that as a consultant, you are not your own boss. He who has the money is the boss, and in this case, it’s the client, the customer. But this is a good start. Whichever you choose, be sure to stick with it. If it works, never get tired of looking for ways to improve it. Nothing in the business thrived without innovating.

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