4 Ways to Generate OEM Leads

4 Ways to Generate OEM Leads

In the digital age that we live in right now, our customers are presented with a myriad of options on a daily basis. So much so that the manufacturing field is constantly crowded and the basics are not enough anymore to make you and your business stand above the crowd. 

In the case of many OEM websites, they always have a “Contact Us” section that shows the company’s phone number and email address. However, the problem lies that this specific page probably doesn’t provide the apt amount of leads that you had originally hoped for. Again, solely doing the basics means you’re not doing enough

The key to successfully marketing to Original Equipment Manufacturers is to be able to speak their language and meet them where they are. So, in order to attract OEM leads and get them engaged with your products and services, you will have to be willing to embrace digital marketing strategies that specifically target these concerns, language, opportunities, and technological infrastructure.

So, in today’s discussion, we’re going to talk about the means of how you can generate more OEM leads the right way.

Knowing Your Market

What interests OEMs the most are new technologies, business solutions, and new industry trends. In order for you to effectively entice them, you will have to align all of your lead generation efforts to appeal specifically to that market. This same rule applies to your overall message and brand strategy and value proposition. 

Content that Matters

In order to attract OEM leads, you need to stand out during the research stage. Demonstrate that your company is an expert in your respective fields. Start posting content that really tackles the pain points your prospects are facing and provide them with solutions that will aid them in making the right decisions. What’s more is that you want to create content that is able to directly communicate how your products and services can help OEM cut costs, streamline operations, and improve efficiencies. 

Promote on Social Networks and your Website

Identify the social media channels that your target prospects are most likely frequenting. For OEMs, you will most likely find them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Make sure that you share your content across these networks and ask your influencers and advocates to share it on their profiles as well. Don’t forget your website as well! Share your content by attaching them to your emails, newsletters, and at the bottom of your blog posts by utilizing CTAs.

Secure your Ads

Your digital targeted ads as well as your PPC are a great way to reel in qualified OEM leads to your website in order to add to your inbound marketing. To do this right, you have to make sure that the keywords you use have been well researched. They have to be what your audience is looking for when they search for solutions. As for your PPC, configure your PPC ads in order to lead them to your website’s gated content and landing pages.

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At the end of the day, the general rules for generating leads in any market can be applied to your lead generation strategy for OEM. It’s all about personalizing and customizing it to fit your target market with the addition of a few more elements and tools.

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