7 Things You Can Do Today To Warm Up Cold Leads

7 Things You Can Do Today To Warm Up Cold Leads

A cold lead isn’t a lead to give up on.

Sometimes, all a cold lead needs is a little warming up before it’s ripe for conversion.

Cold lead lists remain one of the best lists to market to because they’re already familiar with your product, and you’re familiar with the way they operate.

In this article, we explore the different methods that you can utilize to warm up leads and convert them into sales.

Pay Attention To Their Needs

Before re-engaging cold leads, you have to make sure that you’ve researched them again. There is a reason why they didn’t buy from you or dropped out of your pipeline during lead nurturing.

By paying attention to their unique requirements, you can tailor-fit your approach to their needs.

Start your correspondence with them by addressing the probable cause of why they dropped out. For example, if it’s the price, offer them a good discount, if it’s a question of how your solutions fit their vision, tell them that you have feedback and how your product can work with their needs.

The start of re-engagement with cold leads starts with understanding the needs that they have.

Check Up On Them

Cold prospects know that a general marketing email is a call for them to buy from your company.

It’s time that marketers learn to skip the sale and opt for a relationship.

A personal email checking up on their business and offering assistance can go a long way from simply throwing them into your mailing list for special offers.

It helps build a relationship with the would-be buyer. This intentional approach can warm even the coldest of leads.

Remember, nobody likes a pushy sales approach.

Another great benefit of this approach is that even if they don’t buy from you now, you’ll be on top of their list once they eventually need your product. There are also instances where they can refer you to people that they know.

Give Without Expecting

Whitepapers, case studies, industry-specific data, informative videos and articles, spreadsheet calculators, and other tools might all seem great for website lead magnets. Still, they also make great topics to re-engage an old lead with.

Find out what business type and industry your cold lead is in and send relevant “lead magnets” to them directly by email.

Ensure that you don’t ask for anything in return or even make mention of a sale, inform them that this could be useful to them in the long run.

You boost your brand image by doing this, and it also serves as a reminder that the firm is dedicated to providing solutions to the industry.

Forget about selling to them initially; one can easily send a promotional email a couple of weeks or a month down the line after they’re successfully responded.

Alternatively, you can always enclose your contact information if they need more details on how to use the materials you’ve sent them.

Use Pre-Suasion and Retargeting

The term pre-suasion is attributed to Robert Cialdini – also the title of his book – where it is described as the process of making recipients of a message receptive even before it is received.

One way of doing this is to retarget hyper-specific ads to cold leads based on social media platforms. For instance, Facebook has a custom audience feature where you can feed it email addresses of your cold leads to direct ads at them.

This way, you can “reach them” with your pitch before you even send them an email or direct message.

Popular ways of doing this are to highlight a problem that they’re having with an ad, make your brand visible, or put something thought-provoking related to your pitch.

Send Them Relevant Updates

New services or additions to your product portfolio are great points of interest that you can send to your cold leads.

However, only send them updates on products and services that are relevant to them.

The way to do this is to look at the specific needs that your cold leads have and match them with your new offerings.

Change The Way You Reach Them

Some clients might respond better with a phone call, text message, or even LinkedIn direct message, and you should always try using different mediums of communication to try and get in touch with them.

Also, don’t be afraid to switch it up, you can send the pitch via email, and the promotional offer via LinkedIn and Facebook.

Marketers can even send handwritten notes and letters in the mail.

The critical thing to remember is not to use all the channels at once. You run the risk of annoying the leads that you have.

Send Them a Special Personalized Discount (And, Freebies)

In retail, more than 50 percent of shoppers expect a personalized discount within a day of sharing their information. People are beginning to expect discounts made especially for them.

Often, a special offer can work in catching the eye of a lead that’s gone cold, but if you want to up the ante, consider a special personalized discount.

The basis of the discount could be the niche that they’re in or special business characteristics, such as size. A freebie can also be thrown in to make it hard to resist.

Cold leads are in a league of their own; they offer potential sales revenue that marketers can tap by just expending just a little more time and effort by getting to know them better.

You can also secure the assistance of a third-party lead generation and nurturing service that can fine-tune your strategies and realign your targeting.

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