Update your LinkedIn Profile for a Better Lead Generation

Update your LinkedIn Profile for a Better Lead Generation

There is no doubt that LinkedIn is an important social media tool for B2B lead generation.

Companies of all sizes and belonging to any industry find the platform to be an excellent source for qualified leads. Identifying and locating potential clients is just a matter of looking at their profiles to determine whether they correspond to certain requirements.

No doubt, profiles fill up an indispensable role in the forming of professional and profitable relationships. These relationships will depend on how a company carries its online image. Components as simple as a headline greatly impact the way other users view you and (in an indirect fashion) affect revenue acquisition.

When you are selling industry specific products, you will have to make sure that your LinkedIn profile is in top shape. For Alastair Kane, Zayo Group VP for Europe, developing a highly effective LinkedIn presence includes these seven essentials as mentioned in his article for Strategic-IC.co.uk:

Update your LinkedIn Profile for a Better Lead Generation

Your name.

On your personal profile, make sure you give your professional name, not a nickname. You may also want to consider adding qualifications (PhD, BSc etc) if relevant.

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Your professional headline.

This is where you should add your job title. Make sure this is as specific as possible, and uses keywords representative of your expertise. This section will show alongside your name in LinkedIn comments, news feeds and on search so it’s important to keep it accurate.


This section just requires a postal code, and allows you to pick your location. You can also select an industry to appear alongside.

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Profile Picture.

As LinkedIn is a professional site, a businesslike picture, good quality and ideally a headshot should be used. Remember, a profile with a photo is 11 times more likely to be viewed.


Add in your relevant experience, education and current role. You don’t have give too much detail, but acknowledging these can help.

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Contact information.

If a potential lead wants to get in touch, they’ll need as much information as you can give them! Complete as many contact fields (phone, social, contact email, site links) as possible. Make sure these details are professional – don’t hand out your personal number unless you really want to.

Public profile link.

Your public profile link is customizable, can help you appear better in search and makes your profile easy to share and use. Edit it to create your own.

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