The Top Sales Enablement Tools for 2021

The Top Sales Enablement Tools for 2021

As nice as it would be to expect sales and accolades, it’s very much impossible to expect a sustained, uninterrupted success after each year. 

However, we should always try our best to make sure we’re doing all we can to at least try to convert our prospects and rake in the sales. 

Now, this begs the question, “What is the best sales enablement tool?

Whether it’s email tips for sales reps, meticulous planning when orchestrating localization strategy, or a greater emphasis on the role of use cases, companies are continuing to invest in their sales enablement efforts. 

But sales enablement doesn’t simply stop with the implementation of competitive battle cards or survey tools. Companies are making concerted efforts to build the bridge between marketing and sales with the introduction of sales enablement tools. 

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we’ve seized the initiative and sourced the market for the best sales enablement tools on the market right now in preparation for 2021. 


Highspot makes it easier for your reps to find the content they need — when they need it, guides them through how to best use said assets, keeps them connected and up-to-date, facilitates interactive training and guidance, and helps sellers stay up-to-speed with today’s fast-moving buyer climate. All these so you can get the most out of every customer conversation. 


From generating leads all the way through closing deals, GetAccept is an all-in-one B2B sales platform. Just a few of its top features include live chat, video and SMS communication, real-time contract editing without the need to re-send, electronic signatures, proposal templates, and trackable sales collateral. 


This one comes with two branches: Showpad Content and Showpad Coaching. The former gathers and presents content in one, intuitive location so reps spend less time searching and more time selling. The latter provides the onboarding, training, and coaching materials your reps need to deliver excellent experiences and convert more customers.


Pipedrive is an activity-based sales CRM. It visualizes the sales process in stages, prompts next steps so you stay on top of your pipeline, lets you send and receive emails in-app, automatically bumps tasks that are due or overdue to the top of your lists, and shifts activities down the line with a simple Kanban-style drag-and-drop board.


Created for salespeople, by salespeople, SalesLoft’s email service comes packed with templates, account tiering, personalization tools, and A/B testing. Its other products let you record, take notes, transcribe and share calls, gather actionable intelligence, automate multi-touch cadences, optimize sales activity, and so much more.


Refract helps you learn from your top sales performers so you can take their formula, enhance it, and roll it out across the rest of your reps. It provides key, coachable insights and moments with things like hot and cold words and the number of questions asked per call (no call riding required), and then its coaching platform helps you focus on ensuring everyone’s delivering the same standard of quality.


Seva is a single source of truth for modern go-to-market teams. We’re a great fit for teams who rely on apps like Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Confluence, and Slack to run their sales & marketing operations. Why? With so much knowledge hiding within them, teams spend hours trying to find and verify the information in them. Seva works by unifying the knowledge in each of those applications into a single, searchable, organizable source of truth. And best of all, you and your teams can be productive in days.


There you do! These are our top sales enablement tools for 2021 that will help you boost your sales numbers. We hope that these will help you on your journey next year.

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