Tips to Effectively Handle Negative Online Reviews about Your Lead Generation Campaign


Bad reviews affect all kinds of business, perhaps most common in telemarketing companies and other lead generation campaigns. In an increasingly mobile and social world, an unflattering online review can have tremendous impact on the way your customers and sales leads judge your brand. Studies show that approximately 75% of consumers trust online reviews, almost as much as they do recommendations from friends and members of their family. With that figure, one frustrated customer who goes to an online review site to vent their disappointment can easily disaffect business leads and blow your chances of winning new customers.

So how do you deal with negative online reviews and avoid losing potential clients?

1. Respond quickly.

A bad online review can go viral and spread around the web faster than a cold sore at a band camp. Offer an apology right away and don’t wait until the complaints pile up. When you respond right away and with a good explanation, you have a better chance of taking control of the situation before it takes its toll on your efforts to generate qualified sales leads.

2.  Be calm.

Here’s a fact: A lot of people don’t like telemarketing and some even find the word itself loathsome. If you’re engaged in cold calling or mass mailing to generate business leads, expect some negative comments from time to time. Take a chill pill. Some people just want to rant for a while and be heard. Do not hit the keyboard typing in caps and planting exclamation marks at the end of every sentence because it will only make matters worse.

3.  Provide explanations, not excuses.

Negative reviews are not always meant to destroy a business’ reputation. Sometimes, they are meant to provide constructive comments. Do not be defensive and never ever give lame excuses. Instead, acknowledge the comments and explain clearly how you will address the issues being raised.