Three Unusual Lead Generation Tactics For Your Business

It is rather simple, but promoting your business could be a very daunting task. You need to know how to do it properly, lest you waste your efforts or investments. Generating sales leads is a daily challenge for various businesses, and you need to use every tool available to succeed in lead generation. Sometimes, you might just have to employ unusual methods to do that. It might be surprising, but it can actually work. Some of these are:


  1. Company car – if you drive business prospects around, or perhaps you travel all the time, you can increase awareness of your company by using a properly designed car. That would save a lot of introduction time for your appointment setting team, since your prospects would most likely remember the car that keeps running around their place.
  2. Concerts – you might be surprised at how great concerts are in attracting attention of people. Whether it is for a popular band or cultural icon, hosting an event is great for word-of-mouth and positive feedback. Besides, if the company positions itself well, it becomes an even more powerful tool for promotions.
  3. Social media – yes, just like always, but more along the lines of monitoring the conversation threads. Once you know what really beats in the minds of your prospects, your telemarketing team can plan their efforts better.


These unusual promotion tools are pretty useful in getting you the B2B leads that you require. As long as you employ them properly, it will be to your advantage.