Three Big Brand Lessons In Lead Generation

Three Big Brand Lessons In Lead Generation

Your company, no matter how small or simple it is, can learn a thing or two from big companies in the field of lead generation. Yes, they may have the budget and the people responsible in building their brand, but they are also champions on the little details that make them more successful in generating qualified B2B leads.

These are so basic, so simple, that even a small enterprise can take it as their own and use it to improve their overall appointment setting efforts. It is all about effective marketing, and these big firms have a few lessons to share. It is up to you if you will take these pointers:

One, hire a journalist, or get the services of one. They are pretty useful for publishing content for your audience. These people may not be as business-inclined as you might want, but they are precisely the ones that you want in the end: they are focused on the audience. Hiring a marketing journalist will help you reach more people with the greatest effect.

Remember, your audience has the option of not reading your lead generation content, so it pays to produce content that will attract attention and sustain interest better. And that is something that is best obtained from professional journalist. It would be a smart business investment that pays well in the future.

Second, create a story. But not just any story. It has to be a big story, one that resonates in the hearts and minds of your intended audience. What do you think is the reason why Apple, Google, Nike, Levi’s, etc. are so successful in marketing campaigns, in generating their own sales leads? It is because they created stories that not only talks about what their products and services can do, but talks about what their products and services can do for their audience. No matter what medium you use, be it social media or telemarketing, you need to tell a story that compels your customers to associate themselves with what you sell.

Lastly, participate more in the community. There are companies, and there are responsible companies. For your firm to make a positive impact in the market, connecting to your community through a more active role in their activities is a must. For example, Vans’ participation and sponsorship of skating events not only helps these occasions happen, but also works to promote their brand of shoes. It helps that Vans are designing shoes that actually reflect the skating culture (not to mention a few designs that fit the ‘cool’ youth market). While you may not be able to follow what Vans did in that scale, you can always try doing other activities that matter a lot in your community. That would give you a lot of brownie points in your PR efforts.

Keep in mind that, in some point in time, these big brands started out small. It is how they leveraged on their individual strengths that made all the difference in getting sales leads.